Pinkie Pie's Rubbish, re-titled Pinkie Pie and the Garbage for American audiences, is the second episode of the eleventh season of Cheese Sandwich the Earth Pony and Friends, and the two hundred and sixty-fourth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode, Emily's Rubbish/Emily and the Garbage.


  • Cheese Sandwich as Thomas
  • Zephyr Breeze as Henry
  • Big Macintosh as Gordon
  • Flash Sentry as James
  • Pinkie Pie as Emily
  • Soarin as Spencer
  • Gizmo as Whiff
  • Applejack as Elizabeth
  • Princess Celestia as Sir Topham Hatt (mentioned)
  • The Duke and Duchess of Maretonia as The Duke and Duchess of Boxford (mentioned)


Narrator: "Pinkie Pie is a playful pink Earth pony. She's very proud of her party cannon and her hot pink, curly mane. One morning, Pinkie Pie was very excited. Princess Celestia had told her to work with a new pony."

Pinkie Pie: "I hope he's smart and useful."

Narrator: "She whistled.

Pinkie Pie met Cheese Sandwich waiting a signal."

Cheese Sandwich: "The new pony is waiting for you at Sugarcube Corner."

Narrator: "Said Cheese Sandwich."

Pinkie Pie: "I can't wait to meet him."

Narrator: "Puffed Pinkie Pie. And she chuffed away as fast as hooves could walk.

Pinkie Pie steamed into Sugarcube Corner to look for the new pony. He was the dirtiest pony she had ever seen."

Gizmo: "Hello, Pinkie Pie."

Narrator: "Said the new pony."

Gizmo: "My name is Gizmo because I'm bit smelly. You're going to help me collect garbage."

Narrator: "Pinkie Pie was horrified."

Pinkie Pie: "Oh, come on then."

Narrator: "She sighed."

Pinkie Pie: "Let's get started."

Narrator: "Big Macintosh was talking to Flash Sentry and Zephyr Breeze in a siding. When they saw Pinkie Pie with Gizmo, they laughed."

Gizmo: "Hello."

Narrator: "Whistled Gizmo."

Flash Sentry: "Who's your smelly new friend with the funny glasses, Pinkie Pie?"

Narrator: "Snorted Flash Sentry."

Big Macintosh: "We smelled you coming from miles."

Narrator: "Wheeshed Big Mac grandly."

Gizmo: "My name's Gizmo."

Narrator: "Whistled Gizmo."

Zephyr Breeze: "It suits you."

Narrator: "Laughed Zephyr Breeze."

Zephyr Breeze: "Phew!"

Narrator: "Pinkie Pie was very embarrassed. She hurried away. Gizmo puffed after her.

Up the road, Pinkie Pie and Gizmo passed more animals. When they say Gizmo, they all laughed too. Pinkie Pie was tired of being teased."

Pinkie Pie: "I must get away from Gizmo."

Narrator: "She huffed. Pinkie Pie walked faster."

Gizmo: "Wait for me."

Narrator: "Whistled Gizmo. But Pinkie Pie wasn't going to wait for Gizmo. And soon, Gizmo was a long way behind. Pinkie Pie was glad Gizmo had gone."

Pinkie Pie: "It's not my fault he can't keep up."

Narrator: "She huffed.

Later, Pinkie Pie had to wait for Applejack at a crossing."

Applejack: "Where's this new pony?"

Narrator: "Honked Applejack grandly."

Pinkie Pie: "Uh, he got lost."

Narrator: "Wheeshed Pinkie Pie."

Gizmo: "No I didn't."

Narrator: "Whistled Gizmo cheerfully."

Gizmo: "Hello."

Applejack: "Oh."

Narrator: "Sniffed Applejack."

Applejack: "Aren't you going to introduce me to your new friend?"

Narrator: "But Pinkie Pie didn't want anything more to do with Gizmo. She ran away as fast as her hooves could run."

Gizmo: "Wait for me."

Narrator: "Whistled Gizmo.

Up ahead, Pinkie Pie saw a forest path."

Pinkie Pie: "Maybe if I walked down here, Gizmo won't see me."

Narrator: "And Gizmo didn't see Pinkie Pie. He puffed passed on the main path.

Pinkie Pie chuffed all around Princess Celestia's town. She tried to hide from Gizmo. But still, everywhere Pinkie Pie went, Gizmo always found her.

In every tunnel, and in every siding.

At last, Pinkie Pie escaped from Gizmo."

Pinkie Pie: "Thank goodness."

Narrator: "She wheeshed."

Pinkie Pie: "Now no one will laugh at me for working with such a smelly pony."

Narrator: "Up ahead, Pinkie Pie saw Soarin. He was cross."

Soarin: "I meant to be taking the Duke and Duchess of Maretonia to an important lunch."

Narrator: "Huffed Soarin."

Soarin: "But my way is blocked by all these smelly garbage carts."

Pinkie Pie: "Flatten my cannon!"

Narrator: "Steamed Pinkie Pie. They were the garbage carts that Pinkie Pie and Gizmo should have cleared earlier."

Soarin: "Someone will have to move them."

Narrator: "Sniffed Soarin. Pinkie Pie knew that was her job."

Pinkie Pie: "I suppose I'll have to move them. Ugh."

Narrator: She shuddered. Pinkie Pie walked up. She pulled as hard as she could, but the carts were much too heavy for her to move on her own. Just then, Big Mac chuffed passed."

Pinkie Pie: "Can you help me move these garbage carts?"

Narrator: "Asked Pinkie Pie."

Big Macintosh: "Me?"

Narrator: "Snorted Big Mac."

Big Macintosh: "Certainly not."

Pinkie Pie: "Can you help me move these garbage carts, Flash Sentry?"

Narrator: "Peeped Pinkie Pie."

Flash Sentry: "Ew, no, thank you."

Narrator: "Wheeshed Flash Sentry. Pinkie Pie was upset."

Soarin: "I'm still waiting."

Narrator: "Puffed Soarin impatiently."

Pinkie Pie: "If Gizmo was here now, he'd be happy to help me."

Narrator: "Pinkie Pie sighed."

Pinkie Pie: "He wanted to be my friend, but I wasn't kind to him. I must fine Gizmo and say sorry."

Narrator: "Pinkie Pie looked high and low for Gizmo. But he was nowhere to be seen.

Then, at last, she heard Gizmo's funny whistle."

Gizmo: "Hello, Pinkie Pie."

Narrator: "Whistled Gizmo cheerfully."

Gizmo: "I was wondering where you'd gone to."

Pinkie Pie: "I'm sorry, I ran away from you."

Narrator: "Puffed Pinkie Pie."

Gizmo: "That's all right."

Narrator: "Whistled Gizmo."

Gizmo: "I'm just glad you found me. Let's get to work!"

Narrator: "Soarin was getting very impatient."

Pinkie Pie: "Don't worry, Soarin."

Narrator: "Said Pinkie Pie."

Pinkie Pie: "Gizmo is here to help now."

Soarin: "Freeze my hooves!"

Narrator: "Snorted Soarin when he saw Gizmo."

Gizmo: "That dirty pony can't move all these garbage carts."

Pinkie Pie: "We're going to move them together."

Narrator: "Chuffed Pinkie Pie."

Gizmo: "Oh, thank you, Pinkie Pie."

Narrator: "Whistled Gizmo. Soarin watched as Pinkie Pie and Gizmo hooked up to the garbage carts and quickly pulled them away. Soarin was very impressed."

Soarin: "Gizmo is very, very useful pony."

Narrator: "He whistled."

Pinkie Pie: "I know."

Narrator: "Bubbled Pinkie Pie happily."

Pinkie Pie: "And he's my new good friend, too."

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