Pinknose real

Pinknose the Big Pink Engine

Pinknose is a fan-made Thomas & Friends character. She is a pink pompus express engine.

When she first came to Sodor, she was very bossy to Thomas and Percy. She ordered them to pull a long express train. But they refused becaus Add linke Sir Topham Hatt told them to go to the Quarry. Pinknose was so mad that she raced foward and crashed into a siding. When Sir Topham Hatt heard the news, he  sent Rocky  to  lift her back  on the track

600 hours laer or 31 days later she was helping but adrove in the diesel works and saw  Diesel 10, Den,Dart, Diesel, Paxton, Norman, Sidney and ,Arry and Bert. Diesel 10 told her that should leave and Diesel called her a stinky steamie but Paxton Norman, SidneyDen, and Dart told her that she could stay but wont get fixed. but Arry and Bert  decided to scrapp her hey shunted her tro the scrappyard  Pinknose and worried she was not going to be pompus again to the steam engines and blew her whiltle loudly at Arry and Bert they got scrared and ran back to the diesel works she scraed Arry and Bert so well  that she went to the dieselworks and  scared Diesel and Diesel 10 with a loud toot toot!   they were so scraed they   puffed  out the a station  at Trevor's farm Trevorr laughed at them  Diesel and Diesel 10 and Pinknose found them she then saw Sir topham Hatt it serves them right she said  Sir topham hatt  thought so

Tri via  fell off the track they were found by Pinknose

  • Pinknose resembles a bit to Bluenose from TUGS as they are both pompus and their names are similar.


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