• Pinky Dinky Doo as Human Kuzco
  • Blue and Sprinkles from(Blue's Room) as Llama Kuzco
  • Tyler as Pacha
  • Moose. A. Moose from(Noggin) as Kronk
  • Weasel Mcgreed from(The Berenstain Bears) as Yzma
  • Bruma from(Noah's Ark) as Yzma Kitten
  • Bottles as The Peasent Near Yzma
  • Belle from(Beauty and The Beast) as Women With Piñata
  • Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala & Po from(Teletubbies) as Children With Piñata
  • The Baboons from(Tarzan) as The Bees

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