caption = Reverend Pious Hunter

name = Pious - 6th form

player = Pious

archetype = Kheldian

origin = Mutation

level = 10

realname = Reverend Pious Hunter

aliases = Evangel, Reverend

species = Human Mutate

age = 24

height = 6'2

weight = 120 lb

eyes = Silver

hair = Silver

nationality = Black British

occupation = Priest

birthplace = Dulwich Hospital, London, UK

hometown = Dulwich

marital = Celibate

relatives = Father is Nuntius Angelus aka the Knight of Old Oxford, David Hunter (a redeemed angel of God) and Mother was Monica Hunter (a mutant witch)

powers = Kheldian Energy Blasts and Melee

WARNING! Spoilers.

abilities = Able to absorb and store the energy, powers and abilities of living entities by making contact with live DNA.

footnotes = Pious can morph between several of his banked forms. So far, he has six different DNA codings, each with different powers and abilities. See Pious 1, Pious 2, Pious 3, Pious 4, Pious 5.

Spoiler ends here.


(Under Construction)

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