These are transcripts of every trailer for Nelvana's 1997 animated feature film, Pippi Longstocking, as if it were distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Theatrical Trailer (March - August 1997)

  • (The Following Preview Has Been Approved For All Audiences By The Motion Picture Association Of America)
  • (1981-1994 20th Century Fox Logo)
  • (Pippi is seen standing on the dock by the sea from behind as the camera moves up to the head)
  • Narrator: Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim's Daughter Longstocking is about to make a name for herself.
  • (Pippi turns back to the camera and gives a wink and smile)
  • (Cut to Tommy and Anika sitting on the stairs until Pippi slides down the railing)
  • Pippi: Whee!
  • (Pippi crash her head into the cake to eat)
  • (Cut to Pippi bouncing off the fence where Tommy and Annika watch)
  • Narrator: Pippi Longstocking. From the pages of Astrid Lindgren's classic storybook comes one of literature's most exceptional young ladies...
  • (Cut to Pippi dancing around the room with a treasure chest filled with money, then to Mrs. Prysselius becoming shocked with amazement)
  • Narrator: In her very own animated adventure.
  • Mrs. Prysselius: My goodness, child, this will not do.
  • Pippi: (singing) Hey-ho, I'm Pippi. Pippi I-O-A. Home and I'm happy as can be My name is Pippi. Pippi, hip-hooray! What a fabulous day!
  • Mrs. Prysselius: There's a little girl named Pippi, living at Villa Villekulla all by herself.
  • Pippi (singing)
  • Mrs. Prysselius: Fools, she's out of control.
  • Thunder-Karlsson: Let's run for it!
  • Bloom: Waah-ha-ho-ho-ho!
  • (Mrs. Prysselius screams before shielding herself as molasses pours on her)
  • (Cut to Pippi bowing down under the spotlight at the circus where the crowd are cheering for her)
  • Girl: Hurry for Pippi!
  • Bloom: Let's go get her.
  • (Cut to the circus truck chasing Pippi, Tommy and Annika on Horse)
  • Narrator: Follow Pippi and her friends on an unforgettable musical adventure.
  • Annika: There's someone right behind us!
  • (Mrs. Prysselius was also in pursuit when she bumped into a rock with a scream, gasps as she fly off her bicycle and fell right into the bushes with a grunt, knocking down the table with other garden objects such as a basket)
  • (Cat screeches)
  • (Mrs. Prysselius rips the basket off her head and groans in frustration)
  • (Cut to Pippi looking frightened as Mrs. Prysselius is about to grab her)
  • Mrs. Prysselius: Pippi Longstocking, you come here this instant.
  • (Cut to Pippi in the same room dancing with the same two criminals, Thunder-Karlsson and Bloom, to the music of the Schottish
  • (Mr. Nilsson swings on the ceiling lamp as the music increases more and more, so did the dancing movements of Pippi and the thieves, until...)
  • Bloom: STOOOOOP! (echoing)
  • (Cut to a black background and then to the movie's title on the blue and white background)
  • Narrator: Children need a little order in their lives.
  • (Pippi appears in a circle above the movie's title to agree with the narrator)
  • Pippi: Especially if they can order themselves.
  • (Coming This August To Theaters Everywhere)

Home Video Trailer #1 (Coming Soon to Video) (September - November 1997)

Home Video Trailer #2 (November 1997 - February 1998)

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