• Sportacus: Look! it's a letter from Stephanie, Robbie, Trixe, and Pixel on a pirate island.
  • Pixel: Hi, Sportacus. We're going on a pirate island adventure at the ocean, come on!
  • Stephanie: These eagles fly around in the sky. WHOOOOOOOOOOOA! {falls in the water}
  • Trixe: Stephanie, are you okay?
  • Stephanie: Yay, I'm to fine,
  • Stephanie: Look! there's mermaids swimming under the sea!
  • Stephanie, Robbie, Trixe, and Pixel: {singing} Sailling, Sailling, on the way home, let's try it again tomorrow. Bye, Sportacus!
  • Sportacus: What a great pirate adventure!

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