• Woody (from Toy Story) as Gobo Fraggle
  • Merida (from Brave) as Mokey Fraggle
  • Nemo (from Finding Nemo) as Wembley Fraggle
  • Fear (from Inside Out) as Boober Fraggle
  • Jessie (from Toy Story 2) as Red Fraggle
  • Flik (from A Bug's Life) as Uncle Traveling Matt
  • Carl Fredricksen (from Up) as Doc
  • Dug (from Up) as Sprocket
  • Dash Parr (from The Incredibles) as Junior Gorg
  • Helen Parr (from The Incredibles) as Ma Gorg
  • Bob Parr (from The Incredibles) as Pa Gorg
  • Mike Wazowski (from Monsters, Inc.) as Philo
  • Sulley (from Monsters, Inc.) as Gunge
  • Celia Mae (from Monsters, Inc.) as Marjory the Trash Heap
  • Mr. Andersen (from Inside Out) as Flange Doozer
  • Mrs. Andersen (from Inside Out) as Wingnut Doozer
  • Riley Andersen (from Inside Out) as Cotterpin Doozer
  • Construction Foreman Tom (from Up) as Architect Doozer
  • Heimlich (from A Bug's Life) as Large Marvin Fraggle)
  • Rex (from Toy Story) as Marlon Fraggle
  • Violet Parr (from The Incredibles) as Tosh Fraggle
  • Lightning McQueen (from Cars) as Convincing John
  • Sally Carrera, Flo and Lizzie (from Cars) as The Fragglettes
  • Hopper (from A Bug's Life) as Wander McMooch
  • Syndrome (from The Incredibles) as The Mean Genie
  • Manny (from A Bug's Life) as Cantus the Minstrel
  • Slim (from A Bug's Life) as Murray the Minstrel
  • Dim (from A Bug's Life) as Brool the Minstrel
  • Gypsy (from A Bug's Life) as Brio the Minstrel
  • Francis (from A Bug's Life) as Balsam the Minstrel

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