Woody as Tinky Winky

Flik as Dipsy

Joy as Laa-Laa

Jessie as Po

Bullseye as Noo-Noo

R.O.B. as The Male Voice Trumpet

Rosie the Robot Maid as The Female Voice Trumpet

Chikorita, Snivy & Turtwig as The Talking Flowers

Deers as Rabbits

Jirachi as The Baby Sun

Kermit as The Puppet Scotsman

Nidoqueen as The Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair

Rhydon as The Scary Lion

Dolphins as The Three Ships

Winnie the Pooh as The Dancing Teddy Bear

Tyrannosaurus/Allosaurus as Tigers

Gallimimus/Pelecanimimus as Penguins

Velociraptor/Deinonychus as Snakes

Triceratops/Styracosaurus as Elephants

Corythosaurus/Parasaurolophus as Flamingos

Pteranodon/Quetzalcoatlus as Butterflies

Stegosaurus/Kentrosaurus as Tortoises

Apatosaurus/Brachiosaurus as Giraffes

Hypsilophodon/Dryosaurus as Frogs

Meganium as The Magic Tree

Taillow, Pidove, Fletchling, Pidgey & Starly as The White Doves

Princess Peach as Little Bo Peep

Pikachu, Marill, Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Sentret, Whismur, Minccino, Chespin & Froakie as Little Bo Peep's Sheep

Pluto as The Dog

Thomson's Gazelles as The Little Lambs

Uxie, Meloetta, Celebi & Azelf as The Magic Clouds


  1. Tap-Dancing Winnie the Pooh
  2. The Dinosaur Parade
  3. The Dolphins
  4. Meganium
  5. The House
  6. Rhydon and Nidoqueen
  7. Princess Peach searched for Pokémon


PixarTubbies (1997-2001)/Tap-Dancing Winnie the Pooh

PixarTubbies (1997-2001)/The Dinosaur Parade

PixarTubbies (1997-2001)/The Dolphins

PixarTubbies (1997-2001)/Meganium

PixarTubbies (1997-2001)/The House

PixarTubbies (1997-2001)/Rhydon and Nidoqueen

PixarTubbies (1997-2001)/Princess Peach searched for Pokémon

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