Woody as Thomas

Astro Boy from (Astro Boy [in 1982 & 2003]) as Percy

Buzz As Gorden

Mr. Potato Head as James

Tin Toy from (Tin Toy) as Henry

Mr. Happy from (The Mr. Men Show) as Toby

Planton from (Spongebob Squarpants) as Diesel 10

Bob/Larry from (Veggietales) as Sepenes/Dodger

Mario from (Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3) as Mr. C

Yoshi from (Super Mario World) as Junior

Amy from (Sonic X) as Lily

Wendy from (Monsters vs. Aliens) as Lily's Mom

Train from (Doogal) as Grandpa

Andy Panda from (Woody Woodpecker) as Little Boy

Jessie as Lady

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