Bastard Greyhawk character
Piyarz, last Tutor Sage of the Tower of the Heavens.
Gender Male
Race Human
Born 537 CY
Died 579 CY (age 42)
Class Wizard

Piyarz was the last Tutor Sage of the Tower of the Heavens. He was secretly a follower of Vecna. He was slain by the Flamebringer Earthramus in the Tower on Harvester 18, 579 CY.




In 579 CY, Piyarz tried to usurp Shalfey, Elder Sage of the Tower. On Harvester 17 of that year, the Flamebringers were recruited by Hadley, a monk of the Order of the Night Sky, to rescue Shalfey, who had been imprisoned by Piyarz and the pupil sages of the Tower, Lurg, Porro, and Cipolla. The Flamebringers entered the tower the next day, where the druid Earthramus slew Piyarz in a magical duel, using a swarm of summoned of insects. The group also managed to slay Piyarz's co-conspirators and rescue Shalfey.


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