• Angelina: Pj you have cheating me.
  • Pj: So what.
  • Angelina: I'm telling your Dad.
  • Angelina: Mr. Mac your daughter Pj cheated on me.
  • Dao: Angelina go Outside.
  • Angelina: Thanks.
  • Dao: You grounded for year.
  • Pj: But Dad.
  • Dao: No buts go to your room now I'm telling mom.
  • Pj: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! i really hate so much. 
  • Joycelyn: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  • Angelina: That is the part when she got grounded thaat was the best prank ever.
  • Phoung: She did what?
  • Dao: Don't need to shout she is grounded.
  • Phoung: I will talk to her.
  • Pj: But mom it's not my fault you live.
  • Phoung: Go to bed right now for 2011 days!
  • Phoung: Go to sleep!
  • Pj: But mom.
  • Phoung: No buts asleep
  • Pj: But
  • Phoung: I said no buts asleep
  • Pj: It's not fair.
  • Angelina: Let's go to lunch.

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