• Angelina: Kate
  • Pj's Dad: Eric
  • Pj: Steven
  • Doctor: Wiseguy
  • Phoung: Kendra


  • Pj: I'm going to make you sick Angelina.
  • Angelina: No (x10).
  • Pj: black (x4).
  • Pj: hahahahahahahahahahahaha so long suckers.
  • Angelina: Oh my gosh! i don't feel good.
  • Phoung: Angelina are you okay?
  • Angelina: No mom i feel sick.
  • Phoung: You bold thing let's take to hospital.

(At Lexann Dentals Corp.)

  • Phoung: It's going to be allright Doctor.
  • Doctor: Yes all the messenger for stomach how all see you in two hours I have it to check on another patient.

(2 Hours Later)

  • Phoung: So Angelina how do you get this stomach ache?
  • Angelina: You will be happy when i tell if is Pj got me sick by copy army.
  • Phoung: But the held i'm calling his parents right now.
  • Phoung: Hello Pj Dad and Pj Mom your son just called on my friend and got him sick please ground him.
  • Pj's Dad: Pj you're grounded (x4) for getting Angelina sick go to bed now.
  • Phoung: Doctor did you find any for you.
  • Doctor: Yes but i some strawberry flavor for take a home.
  • Phoung: Witch flavor?
  • Angelina: Strawberry.
  • Phoung: Here you go.
  • Phoung: Angelina you all better.
  • Angelina: That's right but i still grounded.
  • Phoung: No are told you mother about this she said you are ungrounded.

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