• Pj: Welcome to McDonalds want to like
  • Phoung: I would like 2 chicken 2 french fries 2 soda with cola
  • Pj: Okay here you go
  • Angelina: Oh no! i'm fat.
  • Phoung: Let's get to the hospital.
  • Doctor: What's wrong Angelina.
  • Angelina: Pj get his fat.
  • Doctor: Don't worry i use the pounds to get fat
  • Phoung: Don't worry i'm calling his parents. Hello Pj's mom and Pj's Dad your son gets angelina fat.
  • Pj's Dad: Come on pj let's go home now
  • Pj's Dad: Pj you're grounded for getting angelina fat.
  • Pj's Mom: Go to your room now!
  • Phoung: Angelina you're not grounded anymore.
  • Dao: This means do anything you want even watch TV, play video games, and much more

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