• Pj as Zack
  • Danella as Belle
  • Pj's and Danella's Dad as French-Fry
  • Angelina as Kate
  • Jim Lehrer as Eric
  • Joycelyn as Ivy
  • Judy Woodruff as Bridget
  • Robert MacNeil as David
  • Harold as Diesel
  • Katherine as Kayla
  • Gwen Ifill as Julie
  • Margaret Warner as Princess
  • Denis as Wiseguy
  • Dien as Young Guy


  • Pj: we're making a fake vhs opening it's call WALL-E 2000 VHS opening real not fake.
  • Danella: Let's watch the video.
  • Pj's Dad: (Angry) Pj are you making the fake vhs while still grounded?
  • Pj: Yes i did
  • Danella's Dad: (Angry) Danella how dare you making the wall-e 1979 vhs real not fake it's fake it's made from 2008 that's it we're closing the youtube account.
  • Pj: (crying) No (x20) please don't close the youtube account i'm sorry.
  • Danella: (crying) You close my account!
  • Pj's Dad: (Angry) There my account it's closed!
  • Danella's Dad: (Angry) And your two apology is unacceptable I'm calling Angelina and his friends!

(After Calling Angelina's Friends)

  • Angelina: (Angry) This is Angelina we're so tried to making a fake vhs opening.
  • Joycelyn: (Angry) This is Joycelyn We're so sick and tried to making a fake vhs opening.
  • Jim Lehrer: (Angry) I'm Jim Lehrer There are no more youtube account forever.
  • Gwen Ifill: I'm Gwen Ifill we're turning into a baby

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