• Narrator: One Day Pj Danella Joycelyn Angelina Jim Lehrer Robert MacNeil Judy Woodruff Gwen Ifill and Margaret Warner Went to the game store</li>
  • Pj and Danella: Can I Have Pokemon Cards?</li>
  • Angelina: No, Pj and Danella You Have Many Pokemon Cards at Home</li>
  • Pj and Danella: WAAAHHH!!!!!!!! I WANT POKEMON CARDS!!!!</li>
  • Joycelyn: Knock, it Off Pj and Danella!</li>
  • Pj and Danella: BUT I STILL WANT POKEMON CARDS!!!! WAAAHHH!!!!!</li>
  • Angelina: Stop Crying Pj and Danella This is a spanking when we get home!</li>
  • Pj and Danella: No Please!</li>
  • Angelina: Yes Please, Danella and Pj!</li>
  • Joycelyn: Pj and Danella what are you doing in the game store?</li>
  • Pj and Danella: STOP ME!!!!!!!!!</li>
  • Jim Lehrer: Be Quiet we'll wrap you in toilet paper!</li>
  • Narrator: The Next Day Pj Danella Jim Lehrer Joycelyn Angelina Judy Woodruff Margaret Warner Gwen Ifill and Robert MacNeil went to the game store</li>
  • Pj and Danella: Angelina May I Have That Pokemon Cards?</li>
  • Angelina: No Pj and Danella you have alot of cards at home!</li>
  • Pj and Danella: WAAAAAH!!!!!!! I WANT THAT POKEMON CARDS NOW!!!!!!</li>
  • Judy Woodruff: YOU MUST DIE!</li>
  • Pj and Danella: BUT I STILL WANT THAT POKEMON CARDS NOW!!!!!! WAAAHHH!!!!!!</li>
  • Gwen Ifill: No, Pj and Danella. It's A Phony!</li>
  • Pj and Danella: WAAAHHH!!!!!!</li>
  • Kate Lehrer and David Pogue: I hate you, Pj and Danella!</li>
  • Margaret Warner Johnny Bravo and Little Suzy: This is all your fault!</li>
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