This page is for the Pjoff family, a "family" based on the users of the Percy Jackson fanfiction wiki turned into a "family." The Pjoffs have European and Asian descent.


The parents, Leafy and Darkcloud, the mother and father respectively, have six kids. Sally, Josh, Extreme S. S. J, Dago, and his younger twin Hazel. Leafy is British. The kids were born in Britain,, excepting Ex, who was from California. They picked up a British accents, except Dago.

Leafy has sisters, Kelsey, Lenobia, and Rebecca. Their father is LongClawTiger, aka LCT, which stand for his real name.

The kids have many uncles and aunts and cousins. Their father's full brother is Matthew. His half brother is Tsubasa, a world traveling explorer. Tsubasa has kids, all Filipinos. They are Caprice and Rose. Matt lives in Virginia with the cousin, Aosh. Another cousin, Angel, lives in San Francisco.

Other people who are involved with the family include Zachery Stanton, a scientist who lives next to Dark and Leafy in Montreal, and and other people. Zach is really Dark's brother, but nobody knows 'cepting him and Matt.


Coming soon.

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