Caern of the Sept of Hope from the Ashes

The Pale Moon Bar

New Hope Golf Course

Financial district

This section of the city is crowded with huge shining buildings. It is said that the light from these sky scrapers can be seen in New York City on clear nights. This is the seat of power in the city both city hall and the Metropolitan Police head quarters are here. Also the major banking and financial institutions reside in this district including Powers and Nobles Financial the largest Multinational Corporation in the North East.

North End

Just north of the financial district in sharp contrast to the shining towers of power lies the docks and warehouses of the North End. This area is not rundown but is defiantly grittier then the financial district. The North End docks receive more cargo then any other port on the eastern seaboard. At any one time there are hundreds of ships from almost any country present. Huge tankers and freighters can be seen arriving and leaving at all hours. If the financial district can be said to control the money then the North end could be said makes it.

West end

West end is an entertainment and commercial district. High end stores, eateries, and of course clubs. All the big parties and beautiful people can be found in the west end. Also the major art galleries and upper end loft apartments can be found there. During the day you can find families and genteel society walking the streets. At night it gets a little more rowdy but not by much. All in all a very nice place to hang out.

Beacon Hill

This is an exclusive residential district. The rich and influential all have the city homes here. Mansions, estates, and luxury condos are the norm. The Mayors estate is also here along with the big fours mansions.

China Town

This district is full of contrasts some high-rise buildings have entered from the north while what could almost be termed slum like conditions in the south. The one overriding things is that the district is oriental. The northern half is predominantly Japanese and that is the language the signs are in. In the southern half the Chinese immigrants have most of the area. Though it seems both sides get along just fine for the tourists.

Back Bay

Back Bay is a large residential area. This district contains multiple neighborhoods of row houses and black stones. The people living here are the cities middle class. Office workers, city employees, and the infamous yuppies. This is a low crime area and the people are quite proud of that.

Copely Place

Just the other side of Highway 90 is Copely place. This is were the city starts to take a downward slide. Slums, factories, and crime are the norm here. Though not as bad as the warrens this area is considered a low class, low rent area. But Copely place is still an important part of the city. Most of the working class people live here as and there are parts that can still be considered nice.


The warrens stare across the water at the financial district. This is a part of the city that the cops don’t even go. City projects, large tenements, and neglected or empty building dot the landscape. Of the six million people that live in New Hope two million live in the warrens and surrounding neighborhoods. The over crowding and horrid conditions are unlike almost any city in the USA. Many have compared it to Mexico City, Shanghai, or very bad parts of Rio. Crime, drugs, and hopelessness reign here.

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