Plague Battalions: Armies Currently, there are very few unit types but we plan to expand upon it as soon as the game is runnung smoothly.


  • Light Infantry


Marines are the most widly used units in the game for only two reasons. They're very cheap and in numbers, they can be used to completely destroy entire planets if the force your using is much larger the the defending home team.

-Light Battalion Droid

"LBD"'s are only really used once a person has taken over a planet and wants to leave some defence while moving all the marines out. LBD's cost no food but they're over all cost in credits is way higher then any other light infantry type

  • Medium Infantry


The second level of the marine is the Commando, these elite units are used very little but have enough bang to take on at least four marines simply. The Commando is only really used as home base defence since while on garrision, they gain a +3 to over all attack.

-Battalion Droid

BD's are used in low number, usually as attack and hold units because of their high attack levels. However, they are exetremly expensive in iron and credits so most players usually just use the good old marine to do the dieing for them instead of the hard to replace droids.

  • Heavy Infantry


Warines are some of the most hard core and down to earth total killing machine units you'll ever be able to get, but, these units aren't just bought like the rest are. These guys come to you after three planets are taken in your governments name. Depending on the sizes of the three planets, these guys come from armies of five, to one-hundred strong.

-HighGuard Assult Robots

An HGAR complement are only for destruction and killing. These robots cost a huge amount of credits and pure iron but ever penny is worth it since these guys can even take down a fighter or sometimes a few can get a command center out of the air.

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