dusty as bob

franz fliegenhosen as spud

ishani as wendy

thomas (from ttte) as scoop

james (from ttte) as muck

rosie (from ttte) as dizzy

henry (from ttte) as roley

harvey (from ttte) as lofty

gordon (from ttte) as travis

neville (from ttte) as skip

mavis (from ttte) as trix

percy (from ttte) as benny

billy (from ttte) as scrambler

murdoch (from ttte) as packer

oliver (from ttte) as dodger

toad (from ttte) as scoot

toby (from ttte) as zoomer

boco (from ttte) as r. vee

el chupacabra as mr. beantley

hector vector as mr. beasley

echo as robert

bravo as mr. sabatini

rochelle as mrs. sabatini

dottie as mrs. potts

ned as mr. fothergill

zed as hamish

princess alice (from tugs) as sumsy

boomer (from tugs) as tumbler

ten cents (from tugs) as flex

sunshine (from tugs) as bristle

and more

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