The planet Earth, native homeworld of homo sapiens, is also the seat of the Imperium of the Terran Throne. Virtually all of Earth and the near-Earth space is governed by said Imperium. The population is mostly human (mostly cloned), with about five percent of the population composed of robots and computers with A.I. (artificial intelligence) and chimeras (cloned animal-human hybrids).

The area of space in Earth orbit is home to hundreds of orbital cities and habitats with tens of millions of beings, with the proportion of chimeras and A.I. machines in proportion to humans much higher than on Earth itself. Humans living in Earth orbit for some reason are more likely to be naturally born rather than clones for some reason than on Earth otself.

The Western and Eastern Hemispheres of the planet and the orbital facilities in near-Earth orbit are all three provinces of the Imperium (see Government of Imperium of the Terran Throne) governed by four Imperial governors for each province, though each of these three provinces also has an elected Provincial Assembly, with separate representation for humans, chimeras, and A.I. machines, though the bills passed by the Assembly can be vetoed by the majority of provincial governors (three or four out of four) or by the central government of the Imperium (either by vote of the Imperial Senate or by decree of the First Citizen occupying the Terran Throne).

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