This is the biggest and most important planet. Here is also the Conference Building for the presidents of the other planets in FantaCratia. This is the Trade Center of FantaCratia.

Current President: Carl Zero


A lava planet because the atmosphere melted by overheating. Only a little part has got still got an atmosphere, but it's an weird atmosphere.
It's a dome wich is covering a small area. This area is called The Dome

Current President: Christiaan Bakker(AniCator)


Planet is now still invisible for sattelites because of a cloak. Not much information about it yet. President Martin refuses to de-cloak it now.

Current President: Martin Bakker(Mboo)


Planet map is still under construction. The president/queen is busy with the infromation.

Current President: Lara Dyte


Planet Re-Scan is planned. Database removed information about Salmosa. Planet is inhabitable at the moment.

Current President: none


Epidameel means "creepy beautyful". It's probable the original planet of the Chram civilisation.

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