Plankton tells Karen that he's going to meet his henchmen again. On the way, he meet some snakes and tells them to team up with him and tries to play ball with them, but he gets killed by the snakes and toren to places.

Featured Characters

  • Barney
  • Baby Bop
  • B.J.
  • Plankton
  • Karen


  • This is a fan-fiction crossover.


They had been running promotion for it all week. Sheldon J. Plankton was finally going to visit his henchmen again. The spots had Plankton talking about how excited he was and how he was looking forward to meeting his henchmen again that where not main villians. He and Karen worked at the Chum Bucket. Now he was going to visit his henchmen again. Bikini Bottom was going to bring Plankton's henchmen back. And after several weeks of heavy rotation promotion the big day finally arrived.

The fan-fiction went staright to a close up of Plankton announcing just how excited he was about meeting his henchmen again and wondering what they would be with him again. Karen agrees with him. Plankton was gonna have fun with his cousins, and sits down to write a note about them. Then came the big moment. It was time to meet the henchmen. Plankton left the Chum Bucket.

On the way are where four snakes.

Plankton stared at the snakes with joy. He had never seen snakes before. He had been evil a lot. His computer wife was Karen. Seeing the snakes was a revelation to him.

The snakes came through the sidewalk and began to approach Plankton. They moved slowly, their heads bobbing, crouching low to the ground, intense copper red eyes focused only on Plankton. "Hi Guys!" said Plankton. "Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! I've never met anyone like you before. Will you be my pets?" The one directly in front of Plankton stopped and began making cooing noises. It rolled on it's back. "You're very cute" said Plankton. "Would you like to play?" The snake moved it's head from side to side and jumped up and down and made hissing noises. It was adorable. Plankton grabbed a tiny ball, turned to the snake and said "Hey! Let's play catch!" He threw the ball gently to the snake, but just as it got there, the snake kicked it and snapped it up in it's mouth and shook it's head, shredding the ball to ribbons. "My ball! You burst my ball!" Plankton said, and he bent to pick up the fragments from the floor. "Why did you do that?" he said to the snake as he looked up at it. The snake was not being cute anymore. It was crouched and started to hiss again.

"Hey, you need to be with me," said Plankton, but before he could speak again he heard another hiss off to his side. He had forgotten the other three snakes. This one was also crouched and hissing. Suddenly, Plankton felt a weight and slashing pain on his other shoulder. Then another on his neck. He screamed in fear. the sharp teath lacerated his green flesh. Another snake jumped on his legs and bit into his spine just above his them. Suddenly Plankton could not feel or move his legs or his feet. A pack of sharp teeth ripped across his throat, and blood splattered on the floor. Plankton screeched. He felt a searing pain and a dull aching tugging in his stomach. He could barely see a snake running with a bloody ligh greenish dark green sausage looking thing in it's mouth. In those last few minutes of conciousness Plankton's instincts took over and he lunged for the small snake that was pulling his intestines out and tried to crush him in his jaws, but the years of Snakes had taken their toll. Plankton's teeth snapped above the snake's back with a dull poffing sound as the evil plankton's vision faded and he fell unconcious into a pool of his own gore.

Barney, B.J, and Baby Bop looked on in silent horror as the pack of deinonychuses tore Plankton's inert body apart. They jumped up on him and kicked horrible long slashes in his flesh with their teeth and bit bloody hunks of his flesh off. Their head disappeared into his body and reemerged with blood dripping innards which they gobbled noisily. " I've got ya, Plankton," chuckled Barney. "You're dead!" B.J. laughed. "Looks like you are", cooed Baby Bop. Karen was seen crying over the death of Plankton.

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