Plankton, Minnie and Daisy go to a video store where Plankton sees a 2004 Spongebob Movie DVD, he wants it but Minnie and Daisy say no. Plankton starts bawling and the next day he sees a 2010 Epic Mickey game and he wants it, but Minnie and Daisy said no again. Plankton starts throwing another tantrum and the police officers send him to jail.


  • Narrator: One day, Plankton, Minnie and Daisy went to a video store, he saw something.
  • Plankton: WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT ALL THESE SPONGEBOB DVD'S!!!!!!!! I want that Spongebob the Movie DVD!!! Pleaseeee???
  • Minnie: No thank ya! And uh don't you have any videos of that spongebob
  • Daisy: And besides, that video costs money.
  • Plankton: GAWWAAA!!! I WANT IT NOW!!
  • Minnie and Daisy: YOU MUST DIE!!!
  • Narrator: Next day, Plankton, Minnie and Daisy went to a video game store, he saw something.
  • Plankton: WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT ALL THESE MICKEY MOUSE VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!! I want that 2010 Epic Mickey. game!!! Pleaseeee???
  • Minnie: But Plankton You have a lot of your Mickey Mouse video games at home
  • Daisy: And it's a phony.
  • Plankton: GAWWAAA!!! I WANT IT NOW!!
  • Minnie & Daisy: CUT IT OUT PLANKTON!!!
  • Plankton: GAWWAAA!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!
  • Narrator: And that was that. Minnie and Daisy drags Plankton out of the game store. Plankton kicked, screamed and bawled.
  • Kipper: Hey what are you doing.
  • Plankton: You see I want it now.
  • Tiger: You better be quiet or we will put handcuff on you.
  • Narrator: Plankton was sent to his room for his punishment
  • Plankton: IT'S TOO LATE TO GET IT!!!


  • Minnie and Daisy have Ganon's voice
  • All Spongebob, Mickey Mouse and Kipper the Dog characters are no longer friends, but enemies.

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