Creation in Progress

This race is a creation in progress, it has no name, and the majority of the information would be considered a very rough outline. If you have ideas, points, or suggestions, please place them under the 'Suggestion' heading.

General Information

This currently unnamed race is parasitic in nature, originally dispersing spores/ seeds on its 'home' planet onto interstellar travelers, and either piggybacking on the host, or taking it over completely. The race can mimic what it sees in an attempt to entice whatever creature it can overtake. Race Loathes industrialized races, and when introduced to urban areas, extreme overgrowth of local flora occurs, attempting to choke out machines and technology. Eventually, if not stopped, the entire planet becomes a living, breathing thing. Once this occurs, the race have a 'collective conciousness', able to know what is going on everywhere the plants have dispersed to. This race has no 'true form', consisting of all the plants on the planet, individual, but together.

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