Play With Me Sesame: Hiking

Walking and Jumping


Ernie Says: Ernie plays Ernie Says about hiking, Parrie Dawn, Grover and Bert fall asleep. Ernie turns off the lights and leaves.

Muppets: Elmo looks in a book about open and close.

Skit: Ernie, Bert, Grover, and Parrie say, "PLAY WITH ME!" and he clap, 'SESAME!

Ernie and Bert: Ernie and Bert eat a pizza and a grape juice.

Move and Grove: Grover says, "We're all doing the You Tickle Me song." Hit it! Grover dances and the monsters will sing together. Then, Grover gets tired and it says, Oh no? Ernie, Bert, and Parrie Dawn arrive. Ernie says, Hey! Let's play a game of Ernie Says? Then, everybody screamed, Yay! Ernie says, By the number, 13. And by, the number 6. Bert, Grover, and Parrie Dawn says, GOODBYE! Ernie says, See you later!

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