Play with Me Sesame: Wiggly Fun!

Wiggly and Adventure

  • Ernie Says: Ernie plays about "Wiggly" while Prairie Dawn, Grover, and Bert got a special treat: "The Wiggles"! there are: Greg, Murray, Anthony, and Jeff. They have 5 Wiggles songs are: Toot Toot, Rock-a-Bye-Your Bear, Fruit Salad, Home on the Range, and The Grand Old Duke of York.
  • Short skit: Elmo, Telly, Henry, and Zoe sing "Fur"
  • Move and Groove: Grover says, Grover here. Cause I am your furry monster. Today, Bert, Ernie, Prairie Dawn, Greg, Murray, Jeff, Anthony, and I sing Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car. And here comes the big red car. Roll it! and Ernie on guitar, Bert on drums, Grover on another guitar, and Prairie Dawn on another guitar sing while the Wiggles singing in the Big Red Car. And after the big red car, Ernie says, "'Good idea! Now it's time for Rock a Bye Your Bear. Ready?" and we all sing Rock a Bye Your Bear. And after the song, Ernie sees Jeff sleeping and says, "Oh no! Jeff's always falling asleep. I guess we better to wake Jeff up. When I count to three, let's all say, "Wake up Jeff". One, two, three." and we all yelling, "WAKE UP JEFF!" and Jeff wakes up. and Grover says, "Maybe it's time to get some fruit costumes!" Greg is wearing a pineapple costume, Jeff is wearing a banana costume, Anthony is wearing a apple costume, Murray is wearing a banana costume, Ernie is wearing a blueberry costume, Prairie Dawn is wearing a peach costume, Bert is wearing a watermelon costume, and Grover is wearing a mango costume. And when Grover says, "And now, it's time for a Wiggles song: Fruit Salad. Roll it!" and we all sing Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy. And after we put their fruit costumes off, and when everyone fighting, Grover says, "Now. Remember. This is a baton. We must sing a song with our songbooks." Everyone concentrating and Grover yells, "And concentrate!" he stands alone. "Remember... Sing with friends together!" and Grover walks to the piano and begins to play and we all sing Home on the Range with Grover sings and plays the piano. After the song was over, Grover's Marching Band was a blast! while we marched and expect Ernie and sing You're a Good Man, Ernie. And we all marched and say goodbye, and Bert says, "What are you telling me!" and he leaves.

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