• Nani - Kirby (from The Brave Little Toaster)
  • Lilo - Olie Polie (from Rolie Polie Olie)


  • Kirby: (Olie screamed his Kirby glares before he finally running, and Olie running into the kitchen. Kirby leapped and grabbing Olie and finally licking your Kirby's face.) Eww! Olie! (Then Olie disappeared into the dryer, and Kirby finally noticed.) Wow, that was party. (Inside the laundry before he picks up a big blanket. Olie get out the dryer and growled.) Why didn't you wait at the school? You were supposed to wait there! Olie! Do you not understand?! Do you want to be taken away? Answer me!
  • Olie: No!
  • Kirby: No, you don't understand?
  • Olie: No!
  • Kirby: No... what?
  • Olie: NO-OOOOOO!!!!! (His push down the floor and finally Olie gets crying.)
  • Kirby: Ugh! You are such a pain!
  • Olie: Then why don't you sell me buy a Spot the dog instead?!
  • Kirby: At least a Spot the dog would behave better than you!
  • Olie: Go ahead! Then you'll be sorry! Because it'll be smarter! Than me, too!
  • Kirby: (singing) And quieter!
  • Olie: You'll like because that's stink like you! (Slams door)
  • Olie: I'm already in my room! (Slams door again)
  • Kirby: (Picks up a pillow his screams into it) Aaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Olie: (Picks up a pillow his screams into it) Aaaaaaah!

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