Annoucer: Guess your around the Playdate in the Park Sweepstakes...
Toad/Olie: (to Tuff/Billy) TA-DA!
Annoucer: ...Brandin from the New Jersey was the Grand Prize Winner.
Pikachu/Stanley: Oh boy!
Annoucer: Roundin' his family went the Nintendo/MGM Studios in Nintendo World in land of Florida, to see Playhouse Nintendo stage in live attraction.
Toad/Olie: This shows the best is ever!
Annoucer: He got to ride in the Nintendo stars in motor-cars parade, but it's favorite Playhouse Nintendo characters.
Piplup/Dennis: That was outstanding in the adventure!
Annoucer: He watch from the up coming Sweepstakes only on in Playhouse Nintendo.

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