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  • Agent General as Woody
  • Agent S.P.Y. as Buzz Lightyear
  • Agent P. as Mr. Potato Head
  • Agent G.R.I.P. as Slinky
  • Agent T.E.C. as Hamm
  • Two-Face as Rex
  • Kuki Sanban (from Codename Kids Next Door) as Mrs. Potato Head
  • Agent S.K.Y. as Jessie
  • Jet Girl as Bo Peep
  • Agent S.U.B. as Bullseye
  • Milhouse (from The Simpsons) as Andy
  • Sally Darson (from South Park) as Molly
  • Marge Simpsons (from The Simpsons) as Andy's Mom
  • Dr. Devil as Sid
  • Numbuh 362 (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Hannah
  • Zurg as Master Rocket
  • Professor Crazy as Losto
  • Stinky Pete as Master Cam

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