PSF's TV Shows Combing Clips from Tinga Tinga Tales and Kirby: Right Back at Ya!


Episdoes has Animals

  1. Kirby Comes to Cappytown (Woodpecker)
  2. A Blockbuster Battle (Monkeys)
  3. Kirby's Duel Role (Elephant)
  4. Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure (Tickbird)
  5. Hail to the Chief (Hen)
  6. The Big Taste Test (Zebra)
  7. Kirby's Pet Preeve (Warthog)
  8. The Empty Nest Mess (Caterpillar)
  9. Escargoon Rules (Flamingo)
  10. Hour of Wolfwrath (Frog)
  11. Labor Daze (Owl)
  12. Cappy New Year (Spider)
  13. Abusement Park (Ostrich)
  14. A Recpice for Disater (Lizard)
  15. The Kirby Derby Part 1 (Hare)
  16. The Kirby Derby Part 2 (Hare)
  17. Monster Managent (Jackal)
  18. Predition Preditation Part 1 (Hippo)
  19. Prediton Preditation Part 2 (Hippo)
  20. Sheepwecked (Hyena)
  21. War of the Woods (Peacock)
  22. Pink Collor Blues (Aardvark)
  23. Tourist Trap (Cricket)
  24. A Novel Approch (Porcupine)
  25. Cartoon Buffoon (Mosquito)
  26. Air-Ride In Style Part 1 (Tortoise)
  27. Air-Ride In Style Part 2 (Tortoise)
  28. Scare Tatics Part 1 (Vulture)
  29. Scare Tatics Part 2 (Vulture)
  30. eNeMeE Elementary (Snake)
  31. The Meal Moocher (Giraffe)
  32. Crusade for the Blade (Bushbaby)
  33. Fitness Fiend (Buffalo)
  34. Mebel Turns the Tables (Bat)
  35. Someting to Sneeze at (Squirrel)
  36. The School Scam (Lion)
  37. Delivery Dilemma (Flea)
  38. Trick or Trek (Rhino)
  39. Buccaner Birdy (Mole)
  40. A Whale of a Tale (Whale)
  41. Waddle While you Work (Hummingbird)
  42. Dedede's Raw Deal (Guinea Fowl)
  43. Caterpillar Thriller (Bees)
  44. Fossil Fools Part 1 (Crocodile)
  45. Fossil Fools Part 2 (Crocodile)
  46. Dedede's Monsterpiece (Camel)
  47. Right hand Robot (Cheetah)
  48. Goin' Bonkers (Baboon)
  49. Power Ploy (Meerkat)
  50. A Trashy Tale (Ants)
  51. A Sunsational Puzzle (Chameleon)
  52. A Chow Challenge (Parrot)
  53. Waste Management (Eagle)
  54. Born to be Mild Part 1 (Wildebeest)
  55. Born to be Mild Part 2 (Wildebeest)
  56. Hunger Struck (Leopard)
  57. Cowardy Creature (Puff Adder)
  58. Frog Wild (Skunk)

Special Episdoe

  • A Monter Crustaton (Crow)

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