Playtime Pals is a Netflix Toons spoof to the HiT Favorites DVD of the same name. Released in May 2015, it has one The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh episode, one The Replacements episode, one Pokemon episode, one Star Versus The Forces of Evil episode, one Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? episode, one Tom and Jerry Tales episode, one Hoop-a-Joop episode and one Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes episode. The DVD also includes a bonus SpongeBob SquarePants episode.


  1. Donkey For A Day (The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)
  2. The Means Justify The Trend (The Replacements)
  3. The Battling Eevee Brothers (Pokemon)
  4. Monster Arm (Star Versus The Forces of Evil)
  5. Foul Play In Funland (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?)
  6. Extreme Trouble (Tom and Jerry Tales)
  7. My Hero Anna (Hoop-a-Joop)
  8. Best Playdate Ever! (Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes)

Bonus Features

  1. Jellyfish Jam (SpongeBob SquarePants)


  • Release Date: May 5, 2015.
  • Distributed by Universal.

Opening Previews

  1. Warning Screen
  2. Universal logo
  3. The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh intro
  4. Donkey For A Day Title Card
  5. First few seconds of Donkey For A Day

Closing Previews

  1. Last few seconds of Best Playdate Ever!
  2. Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes outro
  3. Titmouse Inc. logo
  4. Stretch Films Inc. logo
  5. Disney XD logo

Cover Art

Front Cover

  • Top: Pooh and Star
  • Bottom: Mikey and his brothers from "The Battling Eevee Brothers"

Back Cover

  • Hope, Jackie and Janna from "Monster Arm"
  • Scooby and Shaggy from "Foul Play In Funland"

Cover Color

  • Red

Running Time for the DVD

  • 136 Minutes


  • ???

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