Winnie the Pooh - Littlefoot (The Land Before Time); Tigger - Puss in Boots (Shrek film series and Puss in Boots); Piglet - Chomper (The Land Before Time); Rabbit - Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit); Eeyore - Bagheera (The Jungle Book); Owl - Soren (Legend of the Guardians); Gilfie (Legend of the Guardians)


Soren (Owl) teaches Puss in Boots (Tigger) about "please," the "magic word." Big mistake.Pussr misinterprets Soren's teaching and thinks he automatically gets what he wants when he says, "Please."


Puss in Boots sees Gilfie (Kessie) in the Wood while he is practicing his bouncing. Gilfie points out that she can fly, thus enabling her to be able to go higher than Puss. Puss, hearing this, states that he wants to be able to fly like her, so he goes to Soren's to get some spare feathers. Puss isn't what one would call, "polite," when asking Soren for his spare feathers, so Soren tells Pussabout how you say, "Please," when you want something, and that it's the "magic word." Puss tests it for himself, and, much to his surprise, Soren hands him a jar-full of his spare feathers. Puss goes up into the tree where we saw him at the beginning of the episode and jumps out, trying to fly. He starts to fall down, but then...he's flying--or is he?

It turns out, Gilfie's really holding Puss by the tail. She puts him down and explains that she was worried about him and didn't want him to get hurt. That doesn't stop Puss. He still wants to fly. So, Puss runs into Chomper (Piglet) who's carrying balloons. Just what Puss needs. Puss asks if he can "please" have Chomper's balloons. "Actually, Puss," explains Chomper, "I was going to use these balloons to decorate my house." Puss doesn't give up. He assumes Chomper's not "familarized" with the word, "please," so he repeats the word over and over until Chomper just gives up and hands him the balloons. Puss tries again to jump out of the tree and fly, this time sailing up with the help of the balloons. However, a bee pops all of the balloons, thus sending Puss falling onto the ground. Gilfie is really concerned about Pouss now. She asks him to not jump off the top of the tree without anything protecting him when Puss expresses the idea to her. Puss has his mind set, however. Gilfie goes to get help to stop him from jumping. By the time Gilfie arrives at the tree with Littlefoot (Pooh), Chomper, and Soren, Puss is already at the top, right about to jump. "I'd like to fly...please!" he says, feeling sure that he's doing the right thing. Gilfie flies up and stops Puss, just before he's going to "take off." She asks him to "please" not do it. Puss is upset now, since Gilfie "used the magic word against him." Still, they go down together. There, Puss is explained by Soren that the word, "please" is not really magic, and how it should be used properly. Puss's learned his lesson.

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