Plotline Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make episodes of Thomas & Friends.

Edward Helps Flora

Edward warns Flora about a bridge, but Flora doesn't listen and finds her tram coach and grumbles away. Suddenly, Flora's tram coach crashes into the edge of the bridge and the bridge falls down with Flora and her tram coach. Edward rescues Flora.

Harmood The New Engine (A Bad Day For Harmood-US)

Harmood arrives on the Narrow Gauge Railway and causes trouble. He scares his coaches and bends the rails apart. Afterwards, he is sent to the shed by Mr Principal.

Harmood & The Dangerous Points

Harmood causes more trouble by derailing at some points.

Poor Harmood! (Harmood Down The Canel-US)

Harmood causes more trouble by falling down on a canel and is sent to the sheds in disgrace by Mr Principal.

Duck Saves The Day (Duck Helps Stanley-US)

Stanley has to collect trucks. But the trucks have a plan. They push Stanley into a building called The Milk Factory. Stanley is covered in milk. Duck races to rescue Stanley. Duck pulls him out of the Milk Factory. Stanley looks silly.

Diesel Causes Trouble (Duck, Rosie & Diesel-US)

Duck and Rosie meet Diesel. Diesel causes trouble by bumping the trucks, bumping into Rosie, pushing the trucks off a cliff and falling off another cliff. Duck rescues Diesel and Rosie takes the Fat Controller.The Fat Controller sends Diesel away.

Thomas Helps Out (Thomas Rescues Rheneas-US)

Thomas has to take some trucks to the Wharf and Rheneas takes the hay to the haurber. But Rheneas derails on a old bridge which starts to collasp. Thomas races to the rescue, pulling Rheneas out of the bridge. Rheneas looks silly.

Old Stuck Up Causes Trouble (Oliver, Stepney & Old Stuck Up-US)

Oliver and Stepney meet Old Stuck Up. Old Stuck Up causes trouble by banging trucks hard. And pushing Stepney under the hopper. The trucks get cross with Old Stuck Up and push him into some mud. Oliver arrives with Rocky and Stepney brings The Fat Controller. The Fat Controller punishes Old Stuck Up and sends him back to the other railway.


  • Narrator: Oliver and Stepney were exausted. The coal yards was busy than ever. The Fat Controler promised that another engine will be there to help them. It came has a shock when he did.
  • Old Stuck Up: Good morning.
  • Narrator: The engines woudn't work with Old Stuck Up for a long time.
  • Oliver: What are you doing here?
  • Old Stuck Up: The Fat Controller sent me to help you.
  • Stepney: Why did you come to the coal yards?
  • Old Stuck Up: I will bang the trucks.
  • Narrator: Old Stuck Up banged the trucks hard.
  • Trucks: OH!!!
  • Old Stuck Up: Grrr!
  • Narrator: Old Stuck Up pushed Stepney under the hopper. Stepney was cross. He puffed away.
  • Narrator: Soon Oliver and Stepney told the trucks about Old Stuck Up.
  • Oliver: You trucks have a plan to play a trick on Old Stuck Up.
  • Stepney: That will be cool.
  • Narrator: Old Stuck Up banged the trucks.
  • Trucks: OH!! Don't go!
  • Narrator: But the trucks had the plan. They pushed Old Stuck Up along the line!
  • Trucks: On, on, on!
  • Narrator: Old Stuck Up's driver apllided the brakes, but Old Stuck Up coudn't stop. He crashed into some buffers and fell into a muddy pond! Luckly, he wasn't hurt. Old Stuck Up was covered in mud. Oliver and Stepney arrived.
  • Stepney: Look here, Oliver. Whatever was that dirty diesel?
  • Oliver: It's Old Stuck Up. Did you know?
  • Stepney: It's Old Stuck Up's shape. But Old Stuck Up is a mean diesel and we don't like him.
  • Narrator: Old Stuck Up pretended he hadn't heard.

Freddie & Rosie

Freddie discovers that one of the viaducts that both the stanard gauge and the narrow gauge engines cross has creaks. He hurrys to the wharf to warn the other engines. Then he warns Mr. Percival and The Fat Controller. They both close the viaduct for repairs. Later, Rosie, who dosen't know about the viaduct, needs more coal. She turns on one of the tracks that lead to the viaduct. Halfway across Rosie runs out of steam. Then, the viaduct begins to collaps. James, who had seen Rosie puff towards the viaduct, tells Freddie, who races to Rosie's rescue. Freddie pulls Rosie off the viaduct just in time. Rosie is punished by The Fat Controller. And Mr. Percival is proud of Freddie.

Toby & Rheneas

Toby discovers that one of the viaducts that both the stranded gauge and the narrow gauge engines cross has creaks. He hurrys to the Wharf to warn the other engine then he warns The Fat Controller and Mr Percival. They both close the viaduct for repairs. Later, Rheneas, who dosen't know about the viaduct, needs more coal. He turns on one of the tracks that lead to the viaduct. Haftwaty acroos Rheneas runs out of steam. Them, the viaduct begins to collasp. Harmood, who had seen Rheneas puff towards the viaduct, tells Toby, who races to Rheneas' rescue. Toby pulls Rheneas off the viaduct just in time. Rheneas is punished by Mr Princpal. And The Fat Controller is proud of Toby.

What's The Matter with Gordon?

Gordon is feeling ill. One day Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas, Percy and Gordon to collect cars of rock from the Quarry and take them to the Docks. Thomas and Percy decide to play a trick on Gordon by giving him 18 cars of rocks. Gordon tries his best, but it's no use. Luckly, Molly cares about him.


  • Thomas: What's the matter with you, Gordon?
  • Gordon: My boiler's grumbling.
  • Thomas: Maybe it's grumbling at you.
  • Gordon: That's not funny. You just don't care.
  • Narrator: But Molly could see Gordon was leaving a puddle of water behind. She was worried.

  • Narrator: Gordon was leaving water everywhere as he puff to the quarry. When Molly saw this, she was more worried then ever. Then Thomas and Percy over took Gordon.
  • Percy: Hurry up, Gordon.
  • Narrator: Percy tooted.
  • Gordon: I can't go any faster.
  • Narrator: Gordon puffed sadly.
  • Thomas: Your just being lazy.
  • Narrator: Teased Thomas.

The Small Red, Brown & Blue Controllers (Skarloey, Duke, Sir Handel In Charge-US)

Mr Percivel is ill so Skarloey has to tell the engines what to do. But Skarloey gets in a muddle. He sends Rheneas to the slate mines when he is suposed to take passengers, sends Duke to take to do Rheneas' job taking passenges when he is supossed to go the the slaite mines, sends Peter Sam to the coal yards when he should take holiday makers to Culdee Caves, sends Sir Handel to the caves instead of the coal mines and all sorts. The next day Duke makes things no better. He sends Skarloey to the wharf instead of the slaite mines, Sir Handel to the slaite mines instead of the wharf, Rheneas to the coal yards when he is supossed to go the transfer yards and more but this makes Skarloey derail, Rheneas break down and Sir Handel crack one of his wheels. But the next day Sir Handel gets things right. Mr. Percival returns and Skarloey and Duke hope Mr. Percival is never ill agian

The Missing Trucks (The Missing Cars-US) (Part 1)

Wilbur and Wilfred are twins who came from Ireland to help Sir Topham Hatt. But only one engine had been expected. Sir Topham Hatt gives them numbers. Wilbur was 19 and Wilfred was 20, but he was still planning to send one engine back to Ireland. Sir Topham Hatt ask Oliver to show them around before they start work. Wilbur and Wilfred soon become friends with Oliver. And they keep Arry and Bert in their place. Five of the cars on Hank's freight train are special cars that want to travel on Edward's branch line. When the cars are taken away engines have to leave the special cars out. Then Whiff arrives to collect them. He's very proud of his special cars. One day, Wilfred offers to take Hank's cars away for Oliver. But then he begins to worry about being sent back to Ireland. He worries so much about it that he forgets to leave the special cars out. Then Whiff arrives to collect the cars. But then he asks Wilbur and Wilfred where were his cars. Quickly, Wilbur and Wilfred change tenders. Wilbur, with Wilfred's tender, leaves with a goods train. Wilfred and his driver wait for Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Topham Hatt and two workmen come over them. After a that Sir Topham Hatt turns around, he wipes his eye. Wilfred wonders if he was crying, but he wasn't, he swung back asking Wilfred why does he have Wilbur's tender.

Goods Van (Freight Van-US) (Part 2)

After the truck incedent, Sir Topham Hatt is keeping his eyes on both twins. He says he has to decide who will stay and who will go back to Ireland. Wilbur and Wilfred decide to work together so they wouldn't ba apart. But, there is a freight van who has taken a dislike to Wilfred. Wilbur tells the van to behave and he bumps the van hard. The freight van behaves better after that. Until one day, Wilbur crashes backwards in a signal box. Sir Topham Hatt is cross. He says he has decided to send Wilfred back and keep Wilbur. Now, Neville has to do extra work. He complains about it. One day, Wilfred teases Neville about an engine and a broken bridge. Neville puff sulkly away. Dennis, Whiff, Salty and Billy laugh. The freight van tries to make Neville crosser by telling the trucks to hold back. Neville does his best, but he was tired when they reach Edward's Station. Luckly, Wilfred is there. Neville asks him for help. Wilfred is happy to help. While trying to get up Gordon's Hill, Neville runs out of steam. Wilfred says "Leave it to me". But, he pushes to hard and smashes the freight van to pieces. Edward arrives to clear the mess. Sir Topham Hatt wants to be fair with Wilfred, but he's not sure. Sir Topham Hatt was thinking about which engine to send away. But, that's another story.

The Deputation (Part 3)

Snow comes early to Sodor. It's heavier than normal. Wilbur and Wilfred were used to it. They start to puff backwards and foward to clear the line. They find Derek stuck in the snow and quickly get him out. Later, the engines saw the twins looking glumb. They told them that Sir Topham Hatt was making a dession. Hank, Neville and Derek agree that something must be done. Whiff decides to talk to Toby about it. Toby tells him that they need a deputation. Whiff puffs back and tells Hank what Toby said. After a long silence, Hank says that Whiff should that to Sir Topham Hatt. But, Whiff wishes it wasn't him. He bravely talks to Sir Topham Hatt, who later comes to the sheds and says that Wilbur and Wilfred will be given a new coat with their names painted on them and says that they'll have no mistakes. Wilbur and Wilfred ask "Does this mean that the both of us. . ." Sir Topham Hatt says "It means. . ." But, the rest of his speech was drowned by cheers and whistles. The twins were here to stay.

Rheneas In Charge (Rheneas Takes Charge-US)

Mr. Percival has to leave because of an emergency. So, he puts Rheneas in charge while he's gone. Rheneas is so exaited about being in Rheneas, that he dosen't listen to what Mr. Percival tells him. And he tells the engines to do the wrong jobs. And when the engines do the wrong jobs, Freddie gets blamed.

Bombs Away! (Down on Freddie-US)

Fearless Freddie receives a new coat of paint, and starts to be pompous, which annoys the younger engines. Soon he learns not to boast about paint jobs, as whilst pulling slate trucks, be gets delayed by a signal- Under a tree full of birds, which happens to cover him with droppings.

Weight Limit

After helping Gordon from an accident, Rocky is convinced he can lift anything. He soon learns even he has limitations, after he falls over trying to lift up Murdoch after he derailed.

Rusty's Wharf Friend (Rusty's New Wharf Friend-US)

Rusty meets a new London engine at the Wharf from Sodor named Francis. Francis says he never had seen small diesel and orange diesel before! Francis promises everyday he will visit him at the wharf but the next day, Rusty sees that Francis isn't there! Rusty gets cross and decides the next time he really shows up, he will hide! Francis comes the next day and looks all over the wharf for Rusty! But Francis doesn't notice the canal and crashes into it! Rusty thens helps him and asks why he broke the promise that day before. Francis says he was busy with work on the other part of the railway and didn't have any thing to visit! Rusty understands and the friends promise the see each other only if they have no work to do!!!


Duncan and Freddie are upset because of the heavy winds that make them late! Soon, Duncan flies away on the rails and crashes into Elephant Lake. He drowns. Also, Freddie flies away on the rails and falls into the canal. He also drowns. They're upset and sick. Skarloey decides to tell them the story of "The Engine Kite"!

Direct-to-video series

Mountain Engines


  • 1.Mountain Engine: Harmood is cross when Sir Handel and Freddie tell him he doesn't work on a mountain railway. Thomas brings a mountain engine called Culdee. Culdee tells Sir Handel, Freddie and Harmood about his first day.
  • 2.Bad Look-Out: Culdee tells Sir Handel, Freddie, Duncan and Harmood a story about Godred.
  • 3.Dangerous Points: Culdee meets Lord Harry.
  • 4.Devil's Back: Lord Harry is renamed Patrick


  • The Mountain Engines
  • Engine Roll Call


  • Thomas
  • James (cameo)
  • Sir Handel
  • Fearless Freddie
  • Duncan
  • Harmood
  • Culdee
  • Godred
  • More comming soon!

Daisy The Diesel Rail-Car


  • 1.Daisy & The Baby Calves: Daisy tries to finds missing baby calves.
  • 2.Daisy's Day At The Beach: Daisy goes to the beach for the first time.
  • 3.Daisy & Carla: Daisy meets a diesel engine named Carla.
  • 4.Magic Mountain: Daisy has to take workmen to Great Waterton, but has to go through a mountain that James and Gordon call "Magic Mountain".
  • 5.The Trouble with Snow: Daisy gets stuck in snow and has to stay there overnight.
  • 6.Midge's First Day: Daisy offers to help a new engine named Midge, but Midge says she want to do the work by herself.
  • 7.A Bad Day For Daisy: Daisy gets blamed on an accident Diesel had. Will Diesel tell Sir Topham Hatt the truth?
  • 8.Duncan Makes A Friend: Daisy visits the wharf for the first time. But Duncan has a had time getting along with her.


  • Daisy
  • Engine Roll Call


  • Thomas
  • Edward (Cameo)
  • Henry (Cameo)
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy (Non-Speaking Role)
  • Toby (Cameo)
  • Duck (Cameo)
  • Donald & Douglas (Cameo)
  • Oliver (Cameo)
  • Emily
  • Diesel
  • Daisy
  • Annie & Clarabel (Cameo)
  • Troublesome Trucks (Cameo)
  • Skarloey
  • Rheneas (Cameo)
  • Sir Handel (Non-Speaking Role)
  • Rusty (Mention)
  • Duncan
  • Carla (New Character)
  • Midge (New Character)

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