Pocketville is one of the seven areas in Cartoon Fun World. This area features attractions based on Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville. Here are the list of attractions:

Magic and Flo/Kate's Daring Journey: Guests will board a miniature galleon to Pocketville with Magic and Flo/Kate in this dark ride as they meet their friends in Pocketville and share magical adventures there. Most of the scenes in this ride features audio animatronic versions of the characters. Magic and Flo/Kate are also seen as audio animatronics. Two figures of Magic and Flo/Kate rides in front of each galleon.

Magic's Go Coaster: Fly to Pocketville with Magic aboard this junior roller coaster!

Ciro/Danny's Tea Party: A ride that is similar to Mad Tea Party, guests spin in huge teacups as they join Ciro/Danny in his wild party!


Magic's Friendship Cafe: Steaks, fish, rotisserie chicken and more are sold here in this magical cafe!

Ciro/Danny's Snack Shack: Enjoy snacks and refreshments here, such as potato chips, hotdogs, burgers and more!

William's Pie House: Enjoy apple pies, peach pies, cherry pies, plum pies and more here at this doggone fun pie house!

Spot/Wallace's Bonnieriffic Juice Bar: Smoothies and fruit juices are sold here to refresh your day at the park!

Balloon's Seafood Terrace: Enjoy seafood dishes such as prawns, lobsters, crabs, shellfish, fish and more here at this purrific seafood restaurant!

Mela's Snack Isle: You can find Puppy in My Pocket character shaped cookies, waffles and pancakes here, as well as Puppy in My Pocket Fruit Snacks which will also be sold in supermarkets. You want a snack to love!


Pocketville Friendship Emporium: You can find many T shirts, plush toys, hats and other doggone fun Puppy in My Pocket merchandise here at this magical emporium!

Magic's Traders: Many plush character toys as well as the original Puppy in My Pocket toys will be found here in this magical shop!

Stage shows:

Frienship Celebration: Join the Pocketville Friendship Ceremony live on stage as Magic, Flo/Kate and all their friends celebrate their day by sending each puppy to the Big City to their future owners who needed a friend there with the help of Princess Amy/Ava.


Magic, Flo/Kate and all their friends will appear as Meet and Greet characters

Like the restaurants in Nine Dog Land and Puppy Pound, each kids' meal serves bone burgers and bone fries, as well as character shaped nuggets. The desserts are also a part of the kid's meal. Here are the list of desserts in each restaurant.

Magic's Friendship Donuts: Delicious donut with a choice of almond, chocolate, cheese and other fun flavors!

Ciro/Danny's Fun Time Fudge: You can enjoy this fudge anytime to brighten your day with a chocolatey taste that will melt in your mouth!

William's Wonderful Chocolate Truffle: This truffle has a chocolatey taste that will melt in your mouth!

Spot/Wallace's Bonnie Cranachan: This dessert contains a mixture of whipped cream, honey, and fresh raspberries with toasted oatmeal. It is guaranteed to complete your bonnie good day at the park!

Balloon's Fantastic Fruit Pudding: Tasty pudding with a choice of various fruit flavors

Mela's Purrific Banana Cake: A cake with an outstanding banana flavor that will brighten your day in the park!

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