i wanna be somone special i want to have someone care i dont want to be evil forever in your eyes was ever useful was i ever kind did i ever get anything right or was it all a big fat lie i wanted to make you see im not like them maybe we can conquer it together but you shut me out snd keeped me away. now i wonder what was the use of trying so hard in the end you still didnt see me so should i try anywmore now? should i stand my ground or should i drift away and wait for you to see that i was right..

wait for you to see and regret what you let go another leaf you thought but really now i have another friend you see i was a flower not what you first thought

now i look back, i remember you and you see me do you still remember but its makes no use cuz in the end after the first time betrayal hurt used like a stepping stone i finally realise i cant even be friends with you again

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