Attack on Hoenn

(Note: In time of events, this would be part of section 3)


May: Those were some close calls.


Max: Um sis? They just got closer.

Gyarados: RRRRAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!

May: Blaziken. A little help now would you?


Paradox: May. What Dawn says of you is the Princess of Hoenn am I right?

May: It seems you definetly know of my contest battles. I mean, whats with the whole explosions showcase?

Max: May, I think you have forgotten he's trying to blow us to bits.

Paradox: May, Max, I've finished what I came here to do.

Max: Huh?

Paradox: Now I plan on finishing you two off as well.

(Thunder and Lightning)

Pikachu: PIKA!

Max: Hold up. The Pokédex says its...

May: Ash's Pikachu?

Paradox: Farewell May!

Pikachu Stolen

Misty: What is that? I've never seen a vehicle for Turbo Battles that huge.

Brock: Or the Trainer that's driving it.

(Flash x4)

Misty: I can't believe he's challenging us to a Triple Turbo Battle.

Ash: If its a battle he wants, a battle he'll get.

Brock: Lets do it Ash.

Pokédex: Battle Mode Engaged.

Ash: Lets get it on. Here we go!



Brock: You ready for our combo Ash?

Ash: Sure am. Lets go Pikachu!

Paradox: Aha!

Ash: What the?

Misty: 3 blank spheres?

(3 Beams)

Misty: No way! Pikachu, Gyarados and Steelix!

Brock: Have been captured!

Ash: But how?

Paradox: It seems you've let your guard down again Ash and now I have your Pikachu, Misty's Gyarados and Brock's Steelix, I have half the requirements for my plan. Now for this era to wither away beginning with Kanto, Johto and the Orange Islands.

Ash: What do you mean?


Ash: Hey, wait! Whoa!

(Time Warp)

Ash: Pikachu...

Paradox's Scheme

Ash: I can't believe it. This is all my fault! This was just like that nightmare I just had!

Brock: We'll find that masked trainer and get our Pokémon back.

Misty: Guys, check this out!

Ash: Aren't you holding the picture May sent a few hours ago?

Misty: Yeah, but the original, take a look.

Ash: Pikachu?! How did that happen? Huh? Let me zoom in. No way! What the masked trainer said must be true!


Brock: What's happening?

Ash: Kanto is...

Misty: I think I've seen one too many movies but if something in the past changes, isn't it meant to change the future?

Ash: Yeah. What that guy said was true. Kanto is withering away. Huh? Dialga?

Brock: The Pokémon that rules time.

Ash: It must have sensed that guy's doing. Brock, Misty, something tells me Dialga wants our help to stop this madness.

Misty: We're coming with you!

Ash: Dialga, I don't know where you're taking us but if it is something that stops this madness, be our guest.

Paradox's Onslaught

May: That's Ash's Pikachu! What have you done with it?!

Paradox: Well. May, unsure at first but cool and collected until the end. Now perish!

Pikachu: PIKACHU!

May: Ah! Blaziken!... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Paradox: I'll be taking Blaziken now. Pikachu, finish her! Huh? Dialga?!

Ash: Pikachu. Gyarados. Steelix. And Blaziken.

Paradox: Ash! How you followed me back in time a few hours ago with Dialga, Misty and Brock I do not know. But I do know it changes nothing for you, Max or May. Perhaps the hands of time will do you in. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ash: Hold up!

(Time Warp)

Max: That was creepy.


May: You okay Ash?

Ash: I am. You took quite a hit there.

Max: Good point.

May: Just a few scratches.

Brock: May, what that trainer was doing, its hard to believe but its true. He can travel back and change the past.

May: Really? I'll show you that can't be real. Now I definitely have something to show you that history has... Completely changed!

Misty: And not for the better. Isn't that Dawn?


Max: I guess that can't be good.

Ash: Hoenn is withering away just like Kanto. We've got to stop whatever's happening.

May: But how?

Paradox's Attack

Dawn: It definitely is a nice day for the next contest in Sinnoh.

Johanna: I hope you do well Dawn.


Johanna: What's going on?


Dawn: I don't think that's Team Rocket attacking.

Random Person: Run!

Johanna: Dawn!

Dawn: Mom!

(Multiple Explosions)

Dawn: Unn. Huh? Mom? Mom! What? Piplup!

Paradox: Yes! I have collected the final piece for my plan. Now to put it to use to destroy Arceus.

Dawn; Who are you?! Huh? Whoa!

Max: Ah! That was a rough landing.

Ash: Are you okay Dawn?

Dawn: I'm fine. What the? How are we? Dialga?

Brock: Dialga took you and us back in time before this place was blasted.

Dawn: Okay. Piplup's still gone with that masked guy.

May: You saw him?

Dawn: He said about Piplup being a part of something to destroy Arceus.

Ash: Arceus? If that's the case, we've got no time to lose. Will you help us?

Dawn: That guy hurt mom a few minutes forward, I won't let him hurt Arceus, not after we helped it from misunderstanding.

Confronting Paradox


Crowd: Run for it!

Max: Cool scaring them off Dialga.

Misty: Now that's settled we wait.

Dawn: That way, mom won't be crushed by the ceiling.

Ash: And Sinnoh will be safe for now.

Paradox: I think not!

(Time Warp)

Dawn: We know what you're up to and we're not gonna let it happen!

Ash: Why do you just go back to wherever it is you came from.

Paradox: Where I come from is why I'm here. Perhaps its time, we get aquainted. The name's Paradox.

May: Paradox?

Paradox: I doubt you heard of me, in fact I don't think that from your Pokédex's Trainer identification module. In fact, I don't come from any of your times at ten. I come from the future.

Max: The future?

Misty: What do you mean?

Brock: Its probably some sort of mind game.

Ash: All we care about is keeping our world and each other safe.

Paradox: Oh really? Heheheheh. Too bad no one thought to keep me safe or those I love so I will finally have my revenge. I will rid the world of all those who have caused my suffering. That is why I'm here, these so called Pokémon you have or creatures of destruction as I think, the world would be a better place without them. The creatures, the evolutions, the leagues, what good has come from it? True all of you saved the world several times with your destructive fiends, but against adversaries like Team Rocket for example who use the same creatures to destroy it.

Ash: So is this why you're here?

Misty: To rid the world of Pokémon?

Dawn: And Arceus?

Paradox: That's right.

Ash: Not on our watch, especially as I want Pikachu back!

Paradox: You senseless boy! Instead of stopping me, you should be trying to help me! Its for your own good you know. Where I come from is the reason I'm here. Where I come from is a doomed future.

Ash: No way.

Paradox: It is a desolate place, so desolate, I can't bear to see it through my own eyes. So I took to wearing a mask and through this filter I could finally see, see why things had ended this way and the answer was Pokémon and the one who brought them life at the dawn of time, Arceus. So what better way to stop this destruction than to go back to the beginning and wipe them all and their creator from history. Time travel isn't easy, but when there's a will, there's a way and there was a will.

Ash: (clenches fist) Don't you see?

May: You're not just wiping Pokémon but people too.

Ash: You're destroying everyone else touched by them.

Paradox: Of course I realise that Ash Ketchum. As a matter of fact, that's what I'm looking forward to the most.

Max: This is madness. They've done more good things than bad.

Ash: And another thing. The future hasn't come yet, we can still decide it.

Paradox: It seems we have a difference of opinion. If I guess words won't settle it then...

Ash: If you're saying its a battle you want, a battle you'll get Paradox.

Paradox: Fine then. I suppose its fitting to defeat and destroy the 5 of the group that can battle, especially since Max's life also hangs in the balance for this.

(Transfromation Sequence)

All: Lets get it on!

Ash: Hang in there Pikachu.

The Battle

Paradox: I'll think this battle over time should have a little change of scenery. Malefic World! Now, I'll think I'll take advantage of the 5 on 1 rule by making Gyarados unable to battle to bring out Malefic Gyarados!

Ash: Guys, does anyone know of this Malefic stuff? The Pokédex sure doesn't.

Paradox: Its not a thing, its the stragety I use. One from the future. One of the many advantages of time travel.

Ash: Misty, did you see how he got out the Malefic version of Gyarados?

Misty: Yeah. just by banishing the regular version of my Gyarados.

Max: So technically, by banishing a Pokémon's good heart, he can give life to its bad.

Paradox: That's right Max. I'll be using it to destroy your friends and your sister but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I'll leave it at this for now.

Brock: Ash.

May: You're our friend who never gives up.

Dawn: We'll let you take the first turn.

Ash: Right. Go, Torterra! He'll come in handy later.

Paradox: Fool. Don't you know there won't be a later for you and your friends?

Misty: Go, Staryu!

May: Come on out Wortortle.

Brock: Lets go Croagunk!

Dawn: Go, Mamoswine!

Paradox: Hmm. 1 Grass and 1 Ice types. Whatever will I do.

Misty: Staryu, charge with Aqua Jet!

Ash: Misty, stop your attack!

Paradox: Too late. How about a taste of your own medicine. Spectrum Beam!


Misty: Agh! Staryu, return.

Paradox: By the way, in a Malefic Battle, you don't just lose the match, you're erased from history.

Ash: I don't think we can charge straight at them.

Paradox: Now I'll take advantage by making Blaziken unable to battle to bring out its darker form. Malefic Blaziken.

Max: Hey! Leave my sister's Pokémon out of this!

Paradox: Why do you think I was time hopping in the first place? So I could gain the Pokémon needed to destroy Arceus but I'll use them to destroy the 6 of you. Malefic Gyarados, use Spectrum Beam!

Ash: Counter with Leaf Storm!

Dawn: And help with Ice Shard!

Paradox: Fine then, you stopped one of my Malefics, but as I recall I have two. Malefic Blaziken, use Dark Fireball Fury!


Dawn: RRRRAAAAGGGGGGGHHHH!!! Mamoswine, come on back.

Ash: You ready Brock.

Brock: Sure am. Now use Double Poison Jab on Blaziken and Gyarados.

Paradox: What?! Two Poison Jabs?!


Misty: Their masks!

May: They've been destroyed!

Both: Return!

Paradox: Whatever. Hmm. Excellent, I have all I need to win right at my fingertips. Now I'll make Pikachu unable to battle so I can bring out its Malefic Pikachu.

Ash: Pikachu. Pikachu, snap out of it!


Ash: AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Paradox you snake. What have you done to him?

Paradox: I've simply introduced it to the power of the shadows. Next ignoring the battle conditions I bring out Malefic ParaGear. Now Paragear, tune with the Malefic Pikachu.

Ash: What?!

Paradox: Your accomplice Vizor isn't the only one who can Poké Synchro Ash. Behold as the shadows drift down through the cracks of time and witness how the darkness pools together to create pure evil. Come forth, Paradra!

May: Not good.

Paradox: Next I'll use its effect to revive the Malefic Pikachu under my command!

Ash: Two Pokémon again?

Paradox: Of course Ash, now my Paradra now reduces the strength of Brock's Croagunk by the strength of your Pikachu. So Croagunk, power down!

Brock: Croagunk!

Max: At this rate, Ash and the others won't last long.

Paradox: I would say you 5 put up a good fight, but not good enough at the moment. Use Paradox Flame!

Brock: Quick, dodge!

Ash: Nice move.

Paradox: I don't think so. I'll have Paradra use Malefic Claw Stream! Since he missed your Croagunk, he can strike a direct hit.


Brock: You okay Croagunk?

Croagunk: Croa.

May: Here I go.

Ash: May. If Pikachu has to go, defeat him. Its better that than the control of Paradox.

May: Ash.

Paradox: Oh, how touching from the looks of things, now go already!

May: Wortortle, use Hydro Pump on Pikachu!

Paradox: Is this some sort of a joke? Wortortle is still subjected to Paradra's power down effect.

May: Its not Pikachu himself I'm aiming for.

Paradox: Huh?


Ash: Pikachu's mask! Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika? Pika-pi!

Ash: Thanks May. Now lets go again!

Both: Use Hydro Volt Tackle!


The Final Obstacle

Paradox: Hahahahaha! What you've done is given me more of an advantage.

Ash: I wouldn't think so. You had 5 Pokémon left and now you have 3.

Paradox: And I thank Pikachu for that. All you've done is clear the way for something grand.

Ash: Well?

Paradox: Now I will call on my most wicked beast, Malefic Truthdra! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

May: What in?

Paradox: Hahahahahahahhahaha!!!!

Dawn: Okay, I've seen some big Pokémon in my life like Giratina but this behemoth definitely takes the cake.

Ash: And it probably ate it too.

Paradox: This is your doing Ash. I hope you're pleased with yourself. Now I'll make the last 2 Pokémon in my team unable to battle to bring their dark counterparts Malefic Piplup and Malefic Steelix.

Dawn: Piplup!

Paradox: That's right Dawn and now for a taste of pure power, Malefic Steelix, use Dark Metal Burst! Oh and by the way, since Truthdra is out, should a Malefic Pokémon deal damage, all Pokémon you have take 800 damage.

May: Wortortle, use Hydro Pump, quick!

Paradox: Fine by me. Piplup, pick up where Steelix left off from. Tidal Surge!

Ash: Torterra! Return!

Paradox: And when 1 goes, they all go!

Ash: Pikachu, use Mirror Impact!

Pikachu: Pikaaaaaaa!

Ash: Now by sending Pikachu 1 turn ahead, your move is deflected back.

Paradox: What?!

Ash: Use Mirror Impact!

Paradox: Not so fast! Use Malefic Guard! By making Malefic Steelix unable to battle he's safe. And you know what that means, Brock may get back Steelix but Truthdra can carry out his attack! Use Ultimate Paradox Fury on Wortortle!


Paradox: And remember when one goes, they all take damage!



Ash: We've still got 1 Pokémon each. Go Infernape!

Paradox: Next Truthdra, use Malefic Divide! Now until the end of this turn, I can bring back 1 Malefic Pokémon! So rise once more, Malefic Pikachu!

Ash: No.

Max: They've only got 1 Pokémon left each. One attack from Malefic Pikachu and Truthdra's effect will activate meaning its all over.

Paradox: I warned you 6 not to intervene and now you'll see why. Malefic Pikachu, unleash your fury with Shadow Bolt! Now Pokémon and Arceus will perish and buried deep beneath his ashes will be you 6 and all the Pokémon that you posess!

Ash: No. My worst nightmare. Its actually coming true.

Final Turn

Ash: All is lost.

Misty: Not quite Ash.

May: Don't forget we've got a secret weapon of our own.

Brock: Yes, because we believe in our Pokémon whilst Paradox does not.

Ash: Okay. Infernape, use Flame Wheel!


Paradox: No! I will make you pay for that little stunt Ash.

Dawn: I don't think so. Because at the end of this turn, Malefic Divide will be gone as well as Malefic Pikachu.

May: But not the real one because due to Mirror Impact, it comes back.

Ash: Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika!

May: Ash.

Dawn: We're right behind you.

Misty: Don't give up.

Brock: Go for it.

Ash: Alright, Pikachu use that experimental move we've practiced!

Paradox: Volt Mirage?! Oh no!

Ash: Oh yes! Now all our favourite Pokémon come back as well as Piplup!

Paradox: What?!

Dawn: That's right. Return Piplup!

May: I hate to interrupt good talk but this is worth it. Blaziken, use Flare Spiral Force to give Pikachu a boost.

Brock: Steelix, use Steel Spiral Force on Pikachu for a power boost.

Misty: Gyarados, give Pikachu a hand with Dragon Spiral Force.

Dawn: And Piplup, use Hydro Spiral Force with Pikachu for one last power boost.

Paradox: Its power! Its over 9000!

All: That's right!

Ash: Go, Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pikapikapikapikapika!!!!

All: Go, Tempest Volt Tackle!

Paradox: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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