Fanmade Game for Wii and Ds.

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Chapter 2: New Friends and a New Battle

Chapter 3: No Going Back, Just Me and My Pokémon

Chapter 4: A New Team, Friends and Adventures

Chapter 5: Changes - Preparing for Competition and A New Threat

Chapter 6: WRGP - Battle for the Future of the 4 Regions

Chapter 7: Battle With the Emperors of Yliaster


The chapter begins with the player making their way to the WRGP finals at the Oversea Battle Lanes. Once there, they walk up to Ash once they are ready. After the match begins, Primo already calls out Wisel and defeats both Ash and Misty with ease. When its the player's turn, the white crystal from earlier transforms to 10 Max Revives and Max Potions. Primo despite being shocked by this continues to battle on the condition he starts with Wisel fully assembled also with both Gyarados and Pikachu absorbed. The player's team becomes limited to 4 through their choice so they can use the 2 Pokémon later. After defeating Primo, Lester takes over from him. After defeating him, a rather annoyed Jakob zooms to battle the player in the final battle of the match. After defeating Jakob, rather than having won the match, he, Primo and Lester combine to form Aporia. Aporia annoyed of his embodiements being beaten by Team Unity forces the player to battle him without the use of any revives. After defeating him, he crashes off the lanes.

Final Chapter: Arc Cradle - Final Confrontation


After defeating Aporia, Team Unity and the player celebrate together over at Professor Oak's lab in Pallet Town. After a sudden rumble, the Arc Cradle appears in the sky slowly descending towards the Ener-D generator on the monument. At this moment, Sherry LeBlanc appears on one of the monitors showing she sided with Z-one and that Aporia had successfully gathered the energy needed to complete the circuit. At this moment, she also explains they found an extra recruit from Unova to help Z-one in his plans soon shown to Ash's horror is Iris. Iris then tells Ash that either way if he stops the Arc Cradle or not, chances at 99:1 are that he would not make it out alive. Ash then decides with the support of Team Ragnarok and his friends to head up and stop Z-one. After they make it up, the player is suddently transported to one of the 3 gears by a mysterious flash. The player is then forced to battle Iris and Sherry with Brock as their partner as May got defeated during the battle. After winning, Sherry and Iris soon see the errors of their ways and agrees to join Team Unity in their fight.

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