Pokemon Stadium 4 Pika Cup Walkthrough is Pikachufreak's idea.

Round 1

  1. Bug Catcher Marcus - Pokémon: Buttery, Dusty, Ekany, Yanmy, Kakuny, Spinary
  2. Biker Reginald - Pokémon: Lett-Dig, Rino-Nido, Rouge-Ty, Roth-Vigo, Barel-Bi, Ky-Stun
  3. Camper George - Pokémon: Baytent, Cortent, Liltent, Buitent, Choptent, Krabtent
  4. Sailor Melvin - Pokémon: Psylor, Crocolor, Sealor, Anolor, Gabilor, Barblor
  5. Picnicker Jordan - Pokémon: Meowbask, Rhybask, Cranibask, Zanbask, Gastbask, Drowbask
  6. Beauty Louise - Pokémon: Aipody, Kabudy, Yudy, Kecledy, Cherudy, Hippody
  7. Lass Shelby - Pokémon: Gyaradette, Furrette, Mimette, Grumpette, Dewgette, Mawette
  8. Pokefan Wilma - Pokémon: Nairan, Raian, Fablan, Bastan, Broan, Puruglan

Round 2

  1. Bug Catcher Marcus - Pokémon: Buttery, Secty, Masquery, Scizy, Farfey, Shedy
  2. Biker Reginald - Pokémon: Gar-Gen, Phan-Don, Mar-Mag, Dos-Rampar, Try-Shif, Cario-Lu
  3. Camper George - Pokémon: Tangtent, Pupitent, Mietent, Miltent, Loudtent, Toxitent
  4. Sailor Melvin - Pokémon: Goldlor, Kinglor, Huntlor, Cloystlor, Bibalor, Lumilor
  5. Picnicker Jordan - Pokémon: Granbask, Lickybask, Crobask, Abomabask, Spinbask, Drifbask
  6. Beauty Louise - Pokémon: Rhyddy, Slady, Marody, Floatdy, Whiscady, Waildy
  7. Lass Shelby - Pokémon: Camerette, Tuffette, Jynette, Togette, Delcette, Luvdette
  8. Pokefan Wilma - Pokémon: Peran, Omasan, Deliban, Aggran, Relican, Magian

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