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Welcome to the Poke Combat Academy, or PCA for short! This wikia is used to keep track of all the players, characters, and events going on in the PCA community.

The PCA is an elite highschool setting for Pokemorphs, anthropomorphic Pokemon. Here students learn and grow like any school, but also fight each other to prepare for the arenas and battles that take place out in the real world, some of which offer hefty rewards. To sharpen their skills, and keep things interesting, students are allowed to form teams made of up to 4 Mon. No restrictions on grades or age exist within the teams, but it is much easier to have them within the same year, if only to avoid the problem of having to find a new member whenever someone graduates.

The PCA operates as a 4 year system, essentialy grades 9 to 12. Freshmen (14-15), Sophomores (15-16), Juniors (16-17), and Seniors (17-18) are their respective titles. Of course, like any school, it is entirely possible to be held back a year, or even study for an extra year. But eventualy, everyone graduates.

Character Guidelines


1. Any species of Pokemon is allowed, however, be mindful to try not to create the 20th copy of X species when there isn't even a single Y.
No crossbreeds - Though different species may breed, offspring will be one or the other, not a magical puzzle of both.
No Fan-Pokemon - The PCA uses official, canon Pokemon. This is not the setting for people to create their own species.
2. Students will know four (4) attacks for each year in the PCA.
Exception - A character may have one or two additional attacks based on background, be reasonable.
Attacks - All attacks should be selected from the Diamond/Pearl pokedex listing for the species you've chosen. However, some moves and species require older versions, such as the move Mimic. These types of situations are allowed. It is asked however, for simplicity sake, to try to stick to the Diamond/Pearl listing when possible.
Attacks - All attacks must be those that the Pokemon can learn naturally, through TM, through HM, or from egg moves.

Above all else, be reasonable and do not make 'super' or 'god' Pokemon. These will be frowned upon. And in case they begin to destabilize the game, they will be removed.

Editing Guidelines


  • Edit only the parts that concern yourself
  • Do not change titles or names used as titles as they may cause links to be broken
  • If you make a mistake and don't know how to fix it, say something or it might not be noticed until it gums up the works.

Character Profiles

  • Please keep all text in the character card/tables to a single line as to keep them from looking too stretched
    • This may require you to reword or remove descriptive lines
  • Images for character portraits and teams should not exceed 120 x 150 pixels and should be named as follows:
    • PCA-<team name> for team logos
    • PCA-<team name>-<name, 1 word> for character portraits
  • If you leave a section blank, please leave a single dash ( - ) in the space.
  • Character description goes under/after the character sheet.
  • Battling Experience is listed as follows:
  1. None
  2. Low
  3. Blw Avg
  4. Average / Avg
  5. Abv Avg
  6. Excellent / Exlt
  7. Superior / Supr
  8. Pro

Teams & Teachers

  • Please let one of the admins take care of these. If you have a new team to add that has not been added, please post it in the group and an admin will update it when they have time.
  • In order for teams to be fully linked and functioning, FULL NAMES are required for your characters. Single named characters simply do not work well when sorted, sorry.
  • Listing character roles would also be beneficial and would give people an idea how your team worked.

Bi-Weekly Poll

There is talk of revamping certain parts of the PCA Wiki. What do you think we should focus on first?

The poll was created at 03:01 on January 14, 2009, and so far 166 people voted.

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