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Pokeadiators are trainers with their Pokemon that do gladiator and trainer battles to settle disputes over village disputes on Bara Magna. They are usually equipped with a Thornax launcher for special rounds.

Current Pokeadiator/Trainers

Ash Ketchum: Volt Dynamo and Pikachu

May: Vorox Sword and Torchic/Blaze Shield

Ackar: Flame Sword and Heracross

Kiina: Vapour Trident and Prinplup

Gresh: Twin Air Blades and Staraptor

Tarix: Aqua Axes and Starmie

Vastus: Venom Spear and Seviper

Straak: Ice Axe and Sneasel

Tellirus: Thornax Blade and Skopio

Tuma: Earth Blade, Buzz Sheild and Golem(seen only).

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