Pikachu as Amma the Goat

Rattata as Furannituzz the Mouse

Fearow as Luffy the Parrot

Charmander as Tickie the Lizard

Pichu as Icknoo the Macaroni

Ninetales as Sianda the Pizza

Raichu as Neddathon the Noodle

Bulbasaur as Koalee the Orange

Azumarill as Peepoop the Poop

Snubbull as Elois the Eyebrow

May as Cowgloom the Cake

Goldeen as Jackie (Cyberchase) from Cameo

Azurill as Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls) from Cameo

Meowth as Himself

Charizard as The Giant Moray Eel

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