• Pikachu as Amma the Goat
  • Rattata as Furannituzz the Mouse
  • Fearow as Luffy the Parrot
  • Charmander as Tickie the Lizard
  • Pichu as Icknoo the Macaroni
  • Ninetales as Sianda the Pizza
  • Raichu as Neddathon the Noodle
  • Bulbasaur as Koalee the Orange
  • Azumarill as Peepoop the Poop
  • Snubbull as Elois the Eyebrow
  • May as Cowgloom the Cake
  • Goldeen as Jackie (Cyberchase) from Cameo
  • Azurill as Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls) from Cameo
  • Meowth as Himself
  • Charizard as The Giant Moray Eel

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