• Piplup as Arthur
  • Glameow as DW
  • Togepi as Kate
  • Krokorok as Arthur's Dad
  • Cresselia as Arthur's Mom
  • Chimchar as Pal
  • Pikachu as Buster
  • Jigglypuff as Francine
  • Meowth as Binky
  • Squirtle as George
  • Buneary as Muffy
  • Marill as Sue Ellen
  • Bisharp as Brain
  • Buizel as Mr. Ratburn
  • Raichu as Mr. Haney
  • Mewtwo as Rattles
  • Smoochum as Molly
  • Arbok as Toby
  • Seviper as Slink
  • Aipom as Nadine
  • Pichu Bros. as Tommy and Timmy Tibbles
  • Lucario as Francine's Dad
  • Mawille as Francine's Mom
  • Turtwig as Muffy's Dad
  • Audino as Muffy's Mom
  • Clefairy as Catherine

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