• Pikachu as Babe
  • Inez (From Cyberchase) as Emily Hoggett
  • Matt (From Cyberchase) as Joshua Hoggett
  • Misty as Fly
  • Togepi as Ferdinand
  • Mr. Tickle (From The Mr. Men Show) as Rex
  • Staryu as Maa
  • Iris as Old Ewe
  • Coaches (From Thomas) as Sheep
  • Sandslash as Horse
  • Onix as Cow
  • Max as Rooster
  • Jessie as Duchess (the Cat)
  • Ash as Farmer Arthur Hoggett
  • Jackie (From Cyberchase) as Emse Hoggett
  • Glalie and Plakia as The Thieves
  • Bill Ben and Billy (From Thomas) as Mice
  • The Rugrats Characters as Puppies
  • Mr. Lazy (From The Mr. Men Show) as Duck
  • Buneary as Landlady
  • Gill (From Finding Nemo) as Fulgy Floom
  • Meowth as The Hot Headed Chef
  • Dawn as Suspicious Neighbor
  • Nemo (From Finding Nemo) as Tug
  • Dory (From Finding Nemo) as Zootie
  • Larry (From Spongebob) as Bob
  • Brock as Thelonius

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