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Version 1 (LanXPikachu)

  • Misty as Belle
  • Lucario (Ash) as The Beast
  • Chimchar (Brock) as Lumiere
  • Treecko (Tracey) as Cogsworth
  • Happiny (Nurse Joy) as Mrs Potts
  • Max (Togepi) as Chip
  • Aipom (Suzie) as Babette (the featherduster)
  • Gary Oak as Gaston
  • Barry as Lefou
  • Prof. Oak as Maurice
  • Giovanni as D'Arche

Version 2 (Legendaries2015)

  • Froslass as Belle
  • Entei as The Beast
  • Moltres as Lumiere
  • Articuno as Cogsworth
  • Virizion as Mrs. Potts
  • Meloetta as the Feather Duster
  • Celebi as Chip
  • Infernape as Prince Adam
  • Scizor as Gaston
  • Durant as Lefou
  • Beartic as Maurice

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