• Pikachu as George Beard
  • Piplup as Harold Hutchins
  • Buizel as Captain Underpants
  • Meowth as Melvin Sneedly
  • Luxray as Mr. Krupp
  • Glameow as Mrs. Ribble
  • Mawille as Mrs. Anthrope
  • Mankey as Mr. Meaner
  • Gligar as Mr. Rustworthy
  • Squirtle as Tim Bronski
  • Turtwig as Stevie Loopner
  • Buneary as Jessica Gordon
  • Bisharp as Mr. Fyde
  • Jigglypuff as Stephanie Yarkoff
  • Sqirtbomb as The Bionic Booger Boy
  • Charmander as Sulu
  • Bulbasaur as Crackers
  • Ash as George's Dad
  • Misty as Harold's Mom
  • Brock as Harold's Grandpa
  • Officer Jenny as George's Grandma
  • Mewtwo as Captain Blunderpants
  • Pichu (Pichu Big) as Evil George
  • Pichu (Pichu Little) as Evil Harold
  • Teddiursa as Evil Sulu
  • Ekans as Robo-George
  • Koffing as Robo-Harold

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