Version 1

  • Ash as Jay
  • Misty as Atlanta
  • Brock as Herry
  • Ritchie as Archie
  • May as Theresa
  • Max as Odie
  • Drew as Neil
  • Professor Oak as Zeus
  • Delia Ketchum as Aphrodite
  • James as Cronus
  • Giovanni as Agnon
  • Gym Badge Thieves and Red Giant and Blue Giant

Version 2

  • Latios as Jay
  • Latias as Atlanta
  • Blastoise as Herry
  • Flygon as Archie
  • Bayleef as Theresa
  • Venusaur as Odie
  • Charizard as Neil
  • Darkrai as Cronus
  • Haunter as Agnon
  • Salamence as Zeus
  • Vileplume as Aphrodite
  • Druddigon as Red Giant
  • Arbok as Blue Giant

Version 3 (made by Pikachufreak)

  • Ash as Jay
  • Marina as Atlanta
  • Lt. Surge as Herry
  • Ralph as Archie
  • Bailey as Theresa
  • Nelson as Neil
  • Professor Oak as Zeus
  • Wilhelmina as Aphrodite
  • Ken as Cronus
  • Chopper as Agnon
  • Yas as Red Giant
  • Kas as Blue Giant

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