• Drew as JFK
  • Dawn as Cleo
  • Misty as Joan
  • Paul as Ponce
  • Ash as Abe
  • Brock as Ghandi
  • Harley as Genghis Kahn
  • Tracey as Glenn, the school janitor
  • Archie as Scudworth

Litter Kills Literally quotes Edit

Misty and Brock are driving around the entire Pokemon city town.

  • Misty: "Who's there?"
  • Brock: "Orange."
  • Misty: "Orange who?"
  • Brock: "Orange you jealous of my new warm ups? that's who, [Laughs A Bit] Paul the beloved-"
  • Brock throws his empty soda cup right out the car window.
  • Misty: "Littering's not cool, Brock."
  • Brock: "If littering's not cool, then why does Paul do it? geez you're lame."
  • Misty: "Out! and I'm keeping your car seat."

Meanwhile right after Drew and Paul had their argument with 1 another........

  • Paul: "Wait, Drew, I didn't mean it."
  • Misty: "Paul, everyone is littering because they look up to you, you have got to stop."
  • Paul: "What, Misty? is litter gonna kill me?"
  • [Wind Wooshing]
  • Paul: "What the-"
  • [Rip, Tear!]
  • Paul: "Ow, candy wrapper cut!"
  • [Thud!]
  • Paul: "Mixed berry apple, in my bloodstream."
  • Paul slips right on a banana peel.
  • [Thud!]
  • Paul: "Oh! Gaw!"
  • Paul suddenly passes away from his injuries.
  • [Chime!}
  • [Chime!]
  • [Chime!]
  • {Chime!]
  • [Chime!]
  • [Chime!]
  • [Chime!]
  • [Chime!]

Meanwhile at Paul's funeral ceremony.......

  • Female Singer: I'm missing you

what am I to do?

the tears stream down

like a flood

since you drowned

in your own blood

  • Tracey: "Hi, I'm Tracey, I'm the school janitor, Paul was like a brother to me, probably because he was my foster brother, my dead foster brother....[Sniffs Depressingly] Paul, I just want you to know-"
  • Archie: "Oh, Tracey, some student vomited in the hallway, could you make with the sawdust and clean it up?"
  • Tracey: "Uh, yeah, but I'm kinda giving my brother's eulogy right now."
  • Archie: "Oh, yeah, if you could just do it now, your brother will still be dead when you come back."

Tracey leaves the entire gym room to do the cleaning up.

  • Drew: [Sniffs Depressingly]

Drew takes his place right at the podium.

  • Drew: "Paul Jamesson was my best friend for life, he left me this black belt, it's Paul's black belt [Voice Breaking] Paul's black belt."

Drew gets ahold of Paul's motionless body.

  • Drew: "Stand up, I know you're not really dead, stand up or I'll sock you 1!"


  • Drew: "Oh my word, I just killed my dead friend!"

Drew places Paul's motionless body right back in the casket.

  • Drew: "Paul, I'm gonna sleep here next to you."

Drew closes the casket, but he opens it back up and gets all freaked out.

  • Drew: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I was in a coffin with a dead guy! (he runs around escaping in fear.) AAAAAAAAAAAH!"
  • Dawn: "Drew, stay."

Dawn goes right after Drew.

  • Ash: [Sighs Depressingly]
  • Archie: "Harley, sing us back to class."
  • Harley: "Okay, I'll sing now."
  • Harley: Goodbye, farewell, goodbye, farewell, goodbye

Misty notices more trash litter.

  • Misty: "You guys, pick up your trash, you guys, Paul died from trash you guys, and now you guys are littering, that sucks, you guys, [Thud!] ow! you guys suck."

Meanwhile with Drew's grief and depression.......

  • Drew: [Sobbing Heavily]
  • Drew: "Why?!? whyyyyyyyyyyy?!?"
  • Drew: "You took him! he's been nowhere gone! gaw I killed my best friend!"
  • Dawn: "Let it out, [Kisses A Bit] let it out."
  • Drew: [Crying And Wailing Loudl]y

Drew washes his face a bit.

  • Drew: [Sobbing Wildly]
  • Drew: [Sniffs A Bit]
  • Paul's Spirit Figure: "Cheer up, Drew, it's not your fault."
  • Drew: "Oh my gosh, you're a g-g-g-g dead guy!"
  • Paul's Spirit Figure: "No, I'm not a ghost, I'm part of your subconcience."
  • Drew: "I knew you weren't dead, Paul, let's go score some chiks."
  • Paul's Spirit Figure: "No, you don't understand, I'm just a figment of your imagination."
  • Drew: "Ohhhhh. You're a genie."
  • Paul's Spirit Figure: "I'm not a genie."
  • Drew: "For my 1st wish, I want my dead friend back."

(Brief Pause)

  • Drew: "Paul, you're back, oh I missed you buddy."
  • Paul's Spirit Figure: "This is so frustrating."

Meanwhile at the love cove........

  • Ash: "Dawn, this isn't working for me, I'm not comfortable with you spending so much time with you ex, Drew."
  • Drew: "Don't worry about me, I got my Nintendo 3DS."

Drew begins playing a Super Mario Bros. game on his Nintendo 3Ds.

  • Ash: "The only game that boy is playing is pretending to be sad, and 1st PRIZE IS GETTING INTO YOUR PANTS!"
  • Dawn: "it's not about that, honey cakes, all that matters is you and me."

[Video Game Fail Noises]

  • Drew: "Now Luigi's dead, I'm killing everyone, oh, why couldn't Paul have had 3 lives like the super mario brothers?!?"
  • Drew: [Sobbing Heavily Again]
  • Dawn: "Maybe I should go back there."

Dawn goes right into the back seat of the car.

  • Dawn: "It's gonna be okay, honey cakes."
  • Drew: [Continues Sobbing Heavily]
  • Ash: "Well I'll just leave you 2 alone 'cause it looks like you're about to do it anyhow."
  • Drew: [Sobbing Lighter]
  • Ash: "Here's my keys, uh, drop my car off at your house when you're done."

Meanwhile with Ash changing his mind.....

  • Female Singer: Why are you so dead?

miss your bloody bug eyed head

we can't replace

your dead bloated face

you touched us all

with the life

you led

  • Ash: "I've been acting such the fool, Misty, I berated Dawn for comforting Drew in his time of grief."
  • Misty: "When we cast our love into the sea of human emotion, sometimes what we catch is in fate's hands."
  • Ash: "I've never asked to be a fisherman in such a sea as this."
  • Misty: "Then you know what you must do."
  • Ash: [Sniffs Depressingly]

Meanwhile at the thinking docks........

  • Drew: [Sniffs Depressingly Again]

[Music In Background]

  • Ash: "I'm sorry about how I've been acting, I don't really know what to say,"
  • Drew: [Sniffs A bit]
  • Male Singer: Every moment
  • Ash: "so I'm just gonna hug you,"

since you left me

  • Ash: "and hold you for a really long time."

I have wondered

why the night

seems darker

  • Drew: "Let go."
  • Ash: [Shushing] "It's alright, Ash is here."
  • Drew: "Let go or I'll slug you."
  • Drew backs away from Ash.
  • Drew: [Teared Up] "Hold me."
  • Drew: [Sobbing Heavily Again]
  • Drew: "I'm a Katzenberg, I'm not accustomed to tragedy."
  • Ash: [Kisses A Bit]
  • Drew: "You know the last thing Paul said to me? he said I hate you."
  • Ash: "Oh yeah? well you wanna know the last thing Paul told me? he told me that you were a good dude."
  • Drew: "Really? Paul said that?"
  • Ash: "Let's not let Paul die in vain, we should learn from this and put an end to litter, forever, Paul would've wanted it this way."
  • Drew: "But Paul loved littering."
  • Ash: "Yeah, but once litter killed him, he probably would've changed his mind."
  • Drew: "He said something about that, oh I saw him recently, he's a genie now, he lives in my head."