Version 1 (by RetroGameFan9000)

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  • Snivy as Wadsworth
  • Braixen as Ms. Scarlet
  • Pikachu as Colonel Mustard
  • Starly as Mrs. White
  • Rowlet as Professor Plum
  • Clefable as Mrs. Peacock
  • Rhydon as Mr. Green
  • Gardevoir as Yvette
  • Escavalier as Mr. Boddy
  • Chespin as The Cop
  • Jigglypuff as The Singing Telegram Girl
  • Raichu as The Motorist
  • Raticate as The Cook
  • Froakie as Cop #1
  • Fraxure as Cop #2
  • Stantler as Cop #3
  • Rattata as The Evangelist
  • Furret as The Chief