• Gallade as Victor Van Dort
  • Gardevoir as Victoria Everglot
  • Mismagius as Emily The Corpse Bride
  • Zoroark as Nell Van Dort
  • Lucario as William Van Dort
  • Aurorus as Maudeline Everglot
  • Tyrantrum as Finis Everglot
  • Kyurem as Grandfather Everglot
  • Tyranitar as Mayhew
  • Rapidash as Mayhew's horse
  • Gothielle as Hildegarde
  • Sceptile as Paul The Head Waiter
  • Darkrai as Barkis Bittern
  • Arceus as Pastor Galswells
  • Froslass as Mrs Plum
  • Gengar as Dead Kitchen Staff #1
  • Marowak as Dead Kitchen Staff #2 
  • Salamance as Elder Gutkneckt
  • Rayquaza as General Wellington
  • Deoxys as Dwarf General
  • Nidoking as Albert
  • Nidoqueen as Gertrude
  • Ariados as Black Widow Spider
  • Seviper as Maggot
  • Dragonite as The Town Crier
  • Pikachu as Scraps The Dog
  • Victini as Soemin Village Boy
  • Liepard and Delcatty as The Zombie Ladies
  • Stoutland as Greengrocer
  • Jirachi and Manaphy as The Skeleton Children
  • Greninja as Bonejangles
  • Carbink as The Skeletons
  • Charizard as Emil The Butler

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