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Version 1 (Made By UbiSoftFan94)

  • Ash Ketchum as Crash Bandicoot (Both the main heroes, just like Thomas and Crash Bandicoot are)
  • Houdini (Rayman 1) as Aku Aku
  • May Maple as Coco Bandicoot (Both beautiful, just like Emily and Coco Bandicoot are)
  • Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo) as Crunch Bandicoot (Ash Ketchum and Johnny Bravo are good friends, just like Crash and Crunch Bandicoot, and even Thomas and Edward too)
  • Princess Sally Acorn (Sonic the Hedgehog) as Tawna Bandicoot
  • Dark Helmet (Spaceballs) as Dr. N Gin
  • Bowser Koopa (Super Mario) as Dr. Neo Cortex (Both the main villains, Dr. Neo Cortex's voice suits Bowser Koopa, just like Smudger)
  • Jessie as Madame Amberly
  • Giovanni as Uka Uka
  • Yoshi (Mario) as Pura
  • Darth Vader (Star Wars) as Tiny Tiger
  • Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars) as Dingodile
  • Scratch (Sonic the Hedgehog) as Komodo Joe
  • Grounder (Sonic the Hedgehog) as Komodo Moe
  • Mr. L and Mr. M (Mario) as The Evil Twins
  • Shadow (Sonic) as Pinstripe Potoroo
  • Thomas (Thomas the Tank Engine) as Farmer Ernest
  • Tillie (The Little Engine That Could) as Pasadena O'Possum
  • Ten Cents (TUGS) as Ebenezer Von Clutch
  • Little Toot (Melody Time) as Polar
  • Double Dee (Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy) as Farmer Ernest
  • Darth Maul (Star Wars) as Dr. Nitrus Brio
  • Merlock (Donald Duck Goin' Quackers) as Dr. Nefarious Tropy
  • Begoniax (Rayman 3) as Nina Cortex
  • Lampwick (Pinocchio) as Ripper Roo
  • Dr. Robotnik (Sonic) Nitros Oxide
  • Bluto (Sonic) as Papu Papu
  • Knightbrace (Kids Next Door) as Koala Kong
  • Fake Ash Ketchum as Fake Crash Bandicoot
  • Evil Ash Ketchum as Evil Crash Bandicoot
  • The Wicked Coachman (Pinocchio) as Bearminator
  • Knuckles, Mario, Luigi, and Ed (from Sonic, Mario, and Ed, Edd n Eddy) as Rok-Ko the Earth Elemental, Wa-Wa the Water Elemental, Py-Ro the Fire Elemental, and Lo-Lo the Air Elemental
  • Eddy (Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy) as N. Trance
  • James as Krunk
  • Teletubbie Scotsman (Teletubbies) as Willie Wumpa Cheeks
  • Honest John (Pinocchio) as Norm
  • Stromboli (Pinocchio) as Geary
  • Gideon (Pinocchio) as Zem
  • Plankton (Pinocchio) as Zam
  • Tom and Jerry as Chick and Stew
  • The Huntsman (Snow White) as Rilla Roo
  • The Real Boys and Donkeys as Park Drones
  • Count Dooku (Star Wars) as The Viscount
  • Old Ben (Star Wars) as Penta Penguin
  • Obi-Wan (Star Wars) as Carbon Crash
  • Casey Jones (The Brave Engineer) as Spyro the Dragon
  • Elora (Spyro the Dragon) as Yaya

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